Wine Cocktails are Going to Become a Part of Your Weekend Ritual

Because You Should Not Have to Choose Between Wine or Cocktails


an’t decide whether to enjoy a nice glass of wine with your meal or try an artsy cocktail at your favorite restaurant? Wine not enjoy both, at the same time? An easy guide is to understand the different wines that work with the ingredients and flavors you are combining. Typically, you will find mostly reds, sparkling, sherry, and vermouth in wine cocktails. From classic recipes to innovative twists, here are the best combinations that you can order at restaurants or prepare in the comfort of your home. wine cocktails

Sherry, Mon Cheri?

Sherry is a classic and timeless fortified wine that you can enjoy all year round. Incorporating it into your cocktails is a wise and classy move to add woody or spicy notes. We did some digging for the perfect cocktail recipes to enjoy with the sherry waiting on your bar cart. wine cocktails

Sherry Flip

What You’ll Need:

3 oz Sherry
2 tsp Sugar
1 Raw Egg

Add ingredients into a cup and shake well. Add ice and shake some more. Strain into a glass and grate nutmeg on the top. Enjoy it for brunch! wine cocktails

East India Cocktail #2

What You’ll Need:

15 oz Dry Sherry
15 oz Dry Vermouth
1 Splash of Orange Bitters

Add all ingredients to a cup and stir with ice. Strain it into a cocktail glass. Enjoy it during or after dinner. wine cocktails

Vermouth For the Mouth

Another fortified classic sitting on your shelf that you have probably been wondering how to use. Vermouth is wine spiked with a brandy infused with spices and herbs with a sweet touch. You can find it in martinis or Manhattans, but you can get even more creative with the unique bottle. Try the classic recipe at Arc by ordering “Threes Company” that includes bourbon, gran classico, and sherry to inspire you to make your own. wine cocktails

Natoma Street

What You’ll Need:

Dry Vermouth (white)
Amontillado Sherry
Gran Classico

Stir all ingredients with ice in a cup. Strain over ice into a glass. Add a lemon twist to garnish. wine cocktails

Bubbly Goodness

Sparkling wines are popular in cocktails like your favorite brunch: mimosa. Try something fun for the transition into Spring and add sweet and vibrant fruits to make the drink more fun. Prepare a pitcher for your dinner guests. wine cocktails

Sparkling Lemon

What You’ll Need:

2 Lemons, thinly sliced
8 Sugar Cubes
1 1/2 Teaspoons of Angostura Bitters
2 bottles of dry Prosecco, chilled

Muddle the lemons, bitters, and sugar cubes in a large glass until lemons are soft and sugar is crushed. Pour the mixture into wine glasses. Finally, add prosecco slowly not to foam up the masterpiece. wine cocktails

The Classic Red

You cannot go wrong with a classic sangria with your favorite red wine. Sangrias take a lot of time, but we have added a quick recipe to give you the same taste right at home. Timeless delights don’t have to require much preparation. wine cocktails

Instant Sangria

What You’ll Need:

3 oz of Red Wine
1 oz of Grapefruit Juice
5 oz of Lime
1 Tablespoon of Sugar

Stir the sugar, Grapefruit juice, and lime in a cup. Pour over ice in a glass. Top it off with a red wine of your choice. Bring out some tapas for a full experience! wine cocktails

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