What The Wine You Drink Says About You

Wine With Personality

So you are out for dinner or drinks and you’re feeling like a glass of wine. Before you order, have you ever thought about what your wine choice says about you? Well, if you haven’t, you should now because here’s what your preferred wine varietal is saying about you:

Chardonnay = Independent Thinkers

Chardonnay drinkers are deep thinkers who like to talk about what’s in the glass and enjoy complexity from what’s there. In general, Chardonnay drinkers are bold, adventurous types — you know when they enter the room. They like to debate, engage in conversations, and will probably rule the world one day, (or at least they certainly aspire to).

Sauvignon Blanc = Hipster Geniuses

Sauvignon Blanc, or rather “Sauv Blanc” devotees are smooth talkers. They often have man buns, beards, or are currently wearing wide-brimmed hats. They are brave enough to order wine utilizing some basic French and are, in general, cool cats. Sauvignon Blanc drinkers are the types you should seek out in a crowd; they’ve got interesting things to say about existentialism and can be found contemplating all manner of serious topics. These people were the kids in high school who were too cool for school because, well, they already knew everything.

Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon = Business Moguls

These two wines go together not just because they are often blended, but because they are both big and bold — just like the people who drink them. Those who favor them are forces to be reckoned with as well.  Stay close or stay away from these people depending on your predilection to being around people of power; it’s practically emitting invisible waves from the Merlot/Cab crowd.

Pinot Grigio = Surfer Dudes and Chics

If wine were a California blonde, it would be a Pinot Grigio. Your Pinot Grigio drinkers are relaxed, laid back, and in general, a ton of fun. They just came from the beach and don’t take themselves or anyone else too seriously. Like the wine, they are light and carefree, and probably on their way to a chill outdoor concert or picnic.

Rosé = Trend Setters

Rosé is making a Renaissance, and there are some good Rosés out there these days. Those in the know are the same people who are early adopters of every new trend. Ordering a Rosé allows these folks to educate their fellow drinkers on how Rosés are the next big thing in wine. For those not in the know, the key here is to order a dry or semi-dry Rosé (some suggestions here). Rosés historically have been sickly sweet, but the new versions are drier and full of complex flavor profiles including floral notes and a soupçon of summer red fruits (feel free to quote this line directly to your date). Keep your eyes peeled for those who drink Rosé sparkling wines as they are the most fashionable and elegant of this crowd.

Pinot Noir = Life of the Party

Pinot drinkers are going to be the life of the party – they are starting with a lighter wine in their glass so they are prepared for a long night ahead. These are the people to make friends with because they are out to see and be seen. In fact, they are probably famous and you just don’t know it.

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