Upgrade Your Kitchenware Style With H&M Home

Fashionable, Affordable and Foodie-Approved


t’s been your go-to for affordable apparel, and now H&M is making its way into your kitchen. H&M Home is proud to boast a new collection of dinnerware and cookware. And with all of the available styles, colors, and designs, there’s bound to be something for everyone. The company introduced this range on August 24 to bring more of the brand into everyone’s favorite room. “It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so much of everyday life takes place in there,” explains H&M Home’s Head of Design, Evelina Kravaev Söderberg. “Now, we want to make kitchenware a bigger part of H&M HOME, both with products for the dinner table, but also select kitchen utensils.”

H&M Home celebrated its kitchenware launch on September 7 with a cozy breakfast at the H&M showroom in New York. Chef Chloe Coscarelli, a vegan chef and cookbook author, created the menu. While she cooked up vibrant dishes such as avocado basil toast, pesto garden scramble, and lemon olive oil cake, the dinnerware made a perfect backdrop. The series’s smooth, minimal design and subtle, natural colors allowed Chef Chloe’s recipes to take center stage. “Its monochromatic color scheme provided the perfect canvas for the menu I curated today, which perfectly accentuated the vibrant pops of color in each of the dishes that were presented,” says Chef Chloe.

The matte range of porcelain dinnerware features bowls, plates, and mugs in three colors: black, gray and white. The design is modern and straightforward, which makes the line the perfect buy for those who need to upgrade their dishes. H&M Home also highlights natural kitchenware. In addition to the wooden cooking utensils and cutting boards, the line also includes Conscious 100 percent cotton aprons and pure linen napkins, tea towels and tablecloths.

“The Kitchen is many times the heart of the home,” Söderberg says, “[It’s] a space filled with character, creativity and energy, an ever-evolving room where you prepare and enjoy good food, and this is something we truly want to translate into our collections.”

H&M Home has included more variety in its designs and colors. They have more glam products like velvet seat cushions, glossy printed porcelain with golden accents. There are cutesier designs such as the kitten dishes and the quotable mug sets. H&M Home also offers more rustic, country-esque pieces like stoneware jars and cutting boards, glass jars and metal pitchers and trays.

Whether it’s to celebrate the new season or to prepare for the approaching new year, H&M Home makes it easy to treat yourself and your home to affordable new styles.


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