Inside LA’s Tuck Room Tavern for Brunch

The Newest Addition to Your Brunch Bucket List

The Tuck Room Tavern | 10850 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024 |

Tuck Room Tavern
Monkey Bread Babka

I’m a sucker for anything brunch. I’m also a sucker for unique restaurants with eye-catching décor. Combine the two, and I’m in heaven. 

Clearly, I had to add The Tuck Room Tavern to my list of places to try for one of my infamous Saturday brunches. The Westwood location in Los Angeles is one of four, existing in collaboration with one of the hottest upscale movie theaters, iPic Entertainment. The idea of a unique restaurant directly in line with a notable theater definitely caught my attention. How could a perfect Saturday be made any easier?

The Tuck Room itself is enough to stand on its own. Among entering, guests are greeted by funky décor and stunning chandeliers. Whether you’re stopping by for a drink or a meal, the atmosphere is fun and creative, forming a handcrafted and memorable ambiance.

The real deal here comes down to the menu. One glance at the brunch offerings had me more than ready for the weekend. The Monkey Bread Babka, listed on the menu as an appetizer, is a must-have for anyone with a sweet tooth as strong as mine. Think classic pastry with a twist, coated with a generous layer of liquid hazelnut chocolate that you’ll be scooping up off the plate.

The brunch box is the lunch box of our adult dreams. Choose an entrée and pair it with a drink (which can also be made bottomless). Of course, I had to stick with mimosas, which are made with the perfect ratio of fresh squeezed orange juice and champagne. If you’re looking for something else to kick off the weekend with, their drink menu alone will keep you entertained with original options for days.

Choosing a brunch entrée is always the hardest part of ordering for me. We decided on the decadent French toast stuffed with farmer’s market berries and whipped mascarpone as well as the steak and eggs. What we got was an overwhelming thick slice serving of mouth-watering French toast and a perfectly cooked steak paired with eggs prepared to my desire (scrambled, of course). Not only were the servings made to match my insanely large appetite, but they also came in a timely fashion, something I appreciate beyond words.

If you want to switch up some tastes, you have the option to add truffles or caviar (or both) to any dish. Definitely next on my to-do list. With so many entrée options for brunch, you’ll be coming back to try them all before catching a showing of that new movie you wanted to see.

As the mimosas kept coming, I knew I had picked a good choice for my once a week brunch outing. Nothing could beat the trendy outdoor patio meshed with an amazing meal. Next mission, dinner at the Tuck Room. Who’s joining me?

The Tuck Room Tavern | 10850 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024 |



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