All Aboard! Trevor’s at the Tracks

Enjoying the Food, Company and Atmosphere in San Juan Capistrano


hen a close friend told me that she would be moving out of state soon, we immediately started planning her Orange County bucket list. One important landmark she hadn’t visited yet was Mission San Juan Capistrano, so we headed south for a mini day trip. The Mission was gorgeous as always, and historic SJC feels like stepping into a different era, but Trevor’s at the Tracks was without a doubt our favorite discovery that day.

We were first drawn by the location and how aptly named the restaurant was. Trevor’s at the Tracks is steps away from the railroad and housed within a building that mimics a train car. When we walked along to the entrance, we were instantly hit with the smell of fresh basil and lavender — and for a good reason, too! The front of the restaurant is almost entirely devoted to a fragrant herb garden. After smelling and seeing the freshness of the ingredients, we knew we were about to dig into some quality eats. Trevor’s at the Tracks

The interior of the building was as beautiful as it was expansive. The restaurant stretched on into different rooms and dining areas. There was a small to-go wing for quick items like drinks, sandwiches, and pastries (train snacks!), a warm, sunshine-y patio, and even a private dining room within the wine cellar. The décor was definitely fitting of historic San Juan Capistrano. The exposed brick walls and the mellow, relaxing music gave Trevor’s at the Tracks a cozy yet modern feel.

We chose our table in what is now my favorite part of the restaurant: next to the window with an up-close and personal view of the train tracks. While we were there, we got to see two Amtrak Surfliners pass by us. One even stopped to let passengers on and off. Even though we were close, we could barely hear or feel the rumble of the trains. We were happy to find out that the tracks were an addition to Trevor’s tranquil environment, not a distraction.

Confession: my friend and I had a hard time choosing our meal, but only because we wanted to try the entire menu. Our mutual love of carbs ruled our decision to order the Garlic Cheese Bread for a starter and the Pasta Fresca for our entree. Trevor’s at the Tracks

I have to say; the Garlic Cheese Bread was probably the best I’ve ever had. The slices of French bread were the ideal thickness, so it didn’t fill us up too much before our pasta arrived. Before toasting, the bread was rubbed with an herb garlic spread, then topped off with Parmesan. It was an appetizer of cheesy, crispy, chewy, salty perfection. Trevor’s at the Tracks

The Pasta Fresca was filling and delicious. And the plating was so gorgeous and colorful! The ratio of veggies to pasta was pretty equal, so it was easy to get fresh, handmade pappardelle and roasted seasonal vegetables in each bite. The best bites were the surprise chunks of Parmesan that made their way into the mix.

We finished up with the Strawberry Shortcake. The name was deceiving, to say the least. This shortcake turned out to be an impressive tower of strawberries, strawberry balsamic swirl ice cream, pound cake, and homemade whipped cream. It was creamy, delicious, and the slight tang of the berries kept it from being too sweet. Trevor’s at the Tracks

Between the friendly service, the enchanting atmosphere and the scrumptious menu, Trevor’s at the Tracks was the perfect place to fuel up on our adventure.

Trevor’s at the Tracks | 26701 Verdugo St, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 |

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