Towne Park Brew Joins Anaheim’s Band of Breweries

Adding Innovation to Craft Beer


rackin’ a cold one open with the boys is a universal hobby shared among friends, families and acquaintances alike. Perhaps you want to take someone on a first date, but you want it to be casual, fun and low pressure. Or you want to meet up with a group of friends from high school you haven’t seen for a while in an environment that is social and entertaining. That’s where breweries come in. Popping up all over Orange County lately, breweries are a great place to taste different beers brewed in-house while catching up with your pals. Towne Park Brew is the newest addition to Anaheim’s brotherhood of breweries, and it’s waiting for the beer drinking community to come taste all of its yummy brews.

Founded by Brett Lawrence, who pursued his ale-dreams with nothing but an at-home brew kit, Towne Park Brew has been built from the ground up. Watching his dreams come to fruition from the foundation to the kegs, Lawrence has accomplished opening a brewery that stands apart from other craft beer start-ups. With the help of head brewer, Jeremy Mayo, there is so much passion under Towne Park’s roof that you can taste it in every sip of their ice-cold beer.

In an impressive 20,000-square-foot, 30-barrel brewhouse, Towne Park Brew is opening its doors to entice beer enthusiasts all over the greater Orange County area. Satiating every beer drinker’s tastebuds, Towne Park takes on six iconic flavors: American Lager, India Pale Ale, White Ale, a Pale Ale, an Amber Ale, and a smooth Blonde Ale. On top of this, they will also have ten rotating drafts in the tap room. Whether you’re a light beer lover or all about the hops, Towne Park has got a quality brew for you.

With social media playing a prevalent part in our daily lives, and innovation popping up on every corner, the new-age beer consumer wants to escape the normal darkly lit bar serving Coors to sip beer in a spot that is out of the norm. There is something so special about drinking a beer that is exclusive to the brewing house you’re sitting in. It’s large size and festive atmosphere makes Towne Park the perfect destination to switch things up. Pristinely taken care of and aesthetically gorgeous, the old train station vibes will make you want to snap as many photo ops as possible to shine on the ‘gram.

It’s no secret that the craft beer industry has exploded over the last five years and Anaheim is home to a lot of great breweries, but you won’t get the personal feel of sharing someone’s dream with them like you will at Lawrence’s Towne Park. It’s this personal touch that makes a venue so large still feel so warm.

“Our mission is to brew the best pint for a diverse flavor palate, perfect for sharing with friends from all walks of life–blue collar, white collar, no collar. We believe in beer, we believe in people, we believe in a good time. It’s your Towne. Paint it.”

Besides the beer, Towne Park hosts exceptional events—from art shows to movie nights. Board games are also available for you to show off your competitive skills while you catch up with your buds. Every night there is something new going on. Our favorite is Taco Tuesdays, where you can chow down on tacos and listen to some tunes. If trivia is your game of choice, Wednesday nights are open for you to test that brain of yours. Of course, Towne Park also has Monday night football and other events throughout the week that each feature a specific beer of the night.

Fun and games, brews and tunes, Lawrence’s dream of creating a community space that brings people together has come alive in Towne Park Brew. He has managed to do the impossible—make a brewery stand out in a city that is already saturated with similar projects and warehouses. Becoming a hot spot within a month of opening, we only have high hopes for this new community spot.

Towne Park Brew | 1566 W Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801 |






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