10 Gadgets to Spring You Into the BBQ Season

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Don’t worry Southern California residents, this rain will not last forever. Perfect Spring weather is coming and soon to follow is your next perfect BBQ. Here are 10 gadgets that will get you grilling in no time.

1.Grillbot Pro

This neat gadget is the essential BBQ tool you never knew you needed. Grillbot is the first automatic grill cleaning robot. You can even clean your grill from your smartphone! No need to worry about a dirty grill again, this small robot has you covered.

2. Fruit Keg Tapping Kit

Make seasonal drinks with this amazing kit that turns ordinary melons and pumpkins into delicious treats for your guests. The possibilities are endless. Fill your fruit keg with fruit juice, liquor or your own special creation.  Make a statement with this unique kit that will make everyone go YUM!

3.Instant-read Thermometer

Grilling does not have to be a guessing game. To make sure your food is cooked correctly, use an instant read thermometer. It makes sure your food is just right and gives your guests a peace of mind when serving pork or chicken. Nothing ruins a BBQ like undercooked meat.

4. Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker

Create a great atmosphere with the right sound. The perfect spring party has to have the perfect playlist after all. The Fugoo portable Bluetooth speaker might be the answer to your hosting prayers.This Bluetooth speaker has an amazing battery life and comes in different styles to fit your style. Turn up the volume and really amaze your guests.

5. Meat Shredding Claws

Shredding meat does not have to be boring anymore. These claws make shredding meat fun. These Grade A claws help you achieve the perfect cut. Bring out your claws at the next BBQ and wow your guests with perfect shredded BBQ pork for your sandwiches or as a topping on fries.

6.Outdoor Garbage Can

Don’t forget that with every successful party comes a bit of a mess. A chic outdoor garbage can be the answer to your problem.  Garbage cans that were an eye sore are a thing of the past. Spruce up your backyard with a garbage can that matches your decor.

7. Melamine Plates

With all the effort you put into cooking your food—you deserve it to be presented in the most beautiful way. Melamine plates are both cute and practical. Melamine material is drop proof so no need to worry about them being ruined by your guests. There are also hundreds of amazing designs to fit any BBQ’s theme.

8.Stylish Oven Mitts

Oven mitts are a must for every BBQ. You need them for extra protection when handling hot materials. But you don’t have to compromise your style, find a stylish oven mitt that fits your personality. These small details make your BBQ stand apart from the rest.

9. Grill Basket

Don’t forget your grill basket! A grill basket can help you achieve perfect fish or veggies. Add great smoky flavor to your favorite veggie or fish with this grill basket. It will add another layer of flavor that can only be captured by BBQing.

10. Carrying Case

When the BBQ is finally over, don’t forget to pack up all your tools in your own BBQ carrying case. You have many options to choose from so pick the best one for you. It’ll make cleaning up and storing a breeze.


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