Top 10 DIY Dessert Necessities



IY and creative craft activities have never been more popular. Mingle that with the internet’s obsession with delicious and attractive desserts and you get the perfect storm of delicious treats presented in the cutest ways possible. This type of foodie-based dessert craft has been popping up all over Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest over the last few years. It seems everywhere we turn, there’s the next adorable (and mouthwatering) dessert creation. With this burgeoning niche market, the food appliance industry has been taking note and offering some new, cool tools for your kitchen. We’re providing you with the list of the top 10 DIY dessert gadgets to help you with your delectable craft creations.


1. Sunbeam Mini Cake Maker

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Having a party and want to make a great treat for everyone? Well, this mini cake maker will help you pop out little cakes or muffins in minutes. Being able to produce a dozen at a time will make it easy to provide for a whole party. It even comes with recipe ideas inside. So get that batter going and pop it in. You can treat these little guys as blank canvases; ready for your decorative touch!

2. Babycakes Cake Pop Maker

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Have you fallen in love with cake pops like the rest of us? If so, this gadget will make cake pop production a breeze. This Cake Pop Maker allows you to make a dozen pops in no time. It’s easy to use and an easy clean-up as it features a nonstick coating. Cake pops are a great idea for birthdays, baby showers, or to liven up your social media feed with the perfect shot of your DIY creations.

3. Cuisipro Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

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If you’re anything like me, you love cookies and you love ice cream. So why not mash them together for one of the best dessert combos in existence? The ice cream sandwich making kit come with tubes in various shapes (including a circle, heart, and star) that will instantly cut and shape and press your cookies and ice cream into an eye-catching sandwich. Simple but effective is Cuisipro’s goal here. Take a knife and try to freehand those shapes into your cookies and ice cream without them crumbling and melting. I dare you! You’ll be ordering this kit in no time!

4. Nordic Ware Pinata Cake Pan

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If you’re looking for a highly creative way to make a birthday cake, we thoroughly recommend this cake pan. This innovative pan will combine your cake with the festive fun of a traditional piñata. The idea is that the middle structure creates a hollow center in your cake to be filled with candy. So the initial cut into the cake will function like the strike that busts open your piñata. This cake will feel like the real deal as candy pours forth! Just make sure you don’t string it up in your tree. If you hit it with a baseball bat, the result will not be pretty!

5. Sunbeam Mini Donut Maker

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The ultimate breakfast treat has to be the donut. Hands down. It’s the perfect mate to your morning coffee. If you want to channel some of your early creativity into a delicious pastry, or you’re having a Sunday brunch gathering, check out this mini maker for your donut needs. You’ll have a dozen in the blink of an eye with this quick and easy to use donut maker.

6. Zoku Quick Pop Maker

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If it’s warm out, there’s no better way to cool down than with a popsicle. This pop maker comes in a double or triple size allowing you to make 2 or 3 at a time. You can add in fresh fruit, candy, or nuts into your popsicle creations. You can make up to 8 or 9 pops before refreezing the unit for its next use. The kit comes with sticks and drip guards making this a great DIY activity to do with the kids. There are few things more exciting than customizing your own popsicle on a hot summer day.

7. Babycakes Pie Pop Maker

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Love the idea of cake pops but want to take it to the next level? Well this pie pop maker is just for you. You heard us right. Pie pops. As in mini pies on a stick. What could be more adorable? The Pie Pop Maker is easy to use and makes six pops at a time. Cranking out half a dozen little pies at a time will make it easy to set up a display for any party or event in almost no time. These are a great idea for an outside-of-the-box DIY treat that’s sure to impress everyone!

8. Nostalgia Electrics: Electric Churro Maker

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What’s better than having a warm, cinnamon and sugar coated churro at a theme park? Well get ready to bring those amusement park vibes right to your own kitchen. The Electric Churro Maker allows you to whip up six churros at a time. You can go with the traditional cinnamon and sugar coating or you can get creative! Chocolate half-dips, nuts, sprinkles, the possibilities are endless. These delicious little churros will be totally unexpected treats to offer for any type of gathering.

9. Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

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Do we even need to tell you why you need this soft serve maker? If you’re in the OC, you know all about California weather. Meaning you understand the need for a delicious frozen treat to cool you off. This need extends basically all year, so you might as well get used to it and start serving up some ice cream in your very own kitchen. This soft serve maker is easy to use and has a wide range of options when it comes to flavors.

10. Nostalgia Electrics: Cotton Candy Maker

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Bring the essence of the county fair or the ball game right to your kitchen with this Cotton Candy Maker. This is the perfect DIY kitchen activity for you and the kids as they’ll enjoy spinning their very own cotton candy in a variety of vibrant colors. This is also a great idea for birthday parties to liven up things. It’s fun and easy to use, making personal-sized cotton candies for everyone!


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