What You Need to Know About The New Ruby’s in Laguna Hills

  A Classic Made New Again


Shooby-dooby on down to the newly renovated Ruby’s Laguna Hills location for some tasty temptations that are sure to please all your hungry mealtime desires! That’s right, the classic Ruby’s we all know and love has gone and stepped up its dining game even further. They’ve added new, delicious, and healthy items to their menu, while still maintaining their classic options. Fear not burger lovers, the RubyBurger has not forsaken you, they’ve simply added food forward favorites like their all-new Ahi Burger! One look at that seared ahi, delicately placed upon a bed of Asian Slaw, covered in a Sriracha Mayo had me hooked. And, after my first bite… well, let me just tell you this, I thought I knew what love was, but until that bite, I was so wrong. That tasty burger took my tastebuds on an adventure long overdue. Would I order it again? 100% yes. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Before I continue on with how much I savor the new Ruby’s menu items, I had some questions that I needed answered. Luckily, I had the wonderful pleasure of speaking with Tad Belshe, one of the nicest people I have ever met, who just so happens to be the Executive Vice President of Operations for Ruby’s Diner. Mr. Belshe was able to give me some insight about the brand and offered hot new details about this successful, and consistently growing, company.

Ruby’s has been around since 1982 when it launched its first ever location on the Balboa Pier. It was iconic. It was a place where people felt comfortable. A restaurant full of 1940’s nostalgia, with community and family at its core. But, with the fierce food competition nowadays, a restaurant needs a lot more than the simple family appeal. So, what has kept the Ruby’s brand thriving as well as it has? Well, according to Mr. Belshe it’s the friendliness of the staff – and I’d have to agree. Consistency is key to creating a brand that people can learn to love and trust. If a  guest were to order a malt, they would be guaranteed to have that exact same tasting malt at any Ruby’s location. That same concept applies to the staff. Ruby’s is one of the better well-known service industry companies that treats their employees like family. And a happy employee has a much easier time reflecting that happiness to guests. If you want to know if a company is properly run, look at the longevity of its staff. And Ruby’s has just that. Many of the employees working for the brand have dedicated years to the company, and this isn’t specific to the Laguna Hills location alone.

Aside from the friendly faces and warm greetings received at a Ruby’s Diner, guests are given a visual experience. Each Ruby’s location is designed with elements specific to its surrounding community. For example, the decor of the Huntington Beach location is adorned with surfboards, whereas, the Laguna Hills location showcases airplanes in respect to the old Marine Corp Air Station El Toro. And, if you visit the Ruby’s location in Orange, it has a train theme matching its location next to the railroad tracks. The company makes sure to design a look unique to each location, while still maintaining the classic Ruby’s appeal. While each location has its own specific charm, there are really only three decor models: Classic Red and White, Deluxe (think classic meets a touch of modern), and Next Generation Model (NGM). The NGM showcases more of a 60’s style and is a bit more whimsical than other locations. A prime example of this type of Ruby’s would be their Las Vegas airport location. But, whether you’re visiting one of the classics, or grabbing a shake at a revamped location, Ruby’s quality of food and service remain the same across the board.

While most restaurants appeal to a specific market, Ruby’s spans across the demographics. It’s not just a kid’s restaurant, although they do offer “Ruby’s Diner Family Nighteach week on Tuesday when kids get to eat FREE! And it doesn’t just cater to the elderly, but they do offer senior and military discounts. Ruby’s is a place to go to enjoy a meal together as a family, or a special place to take a date and make a memory as sweet as the shakes. And speaking of sweet, you have to try their new Banana Nut French Toast. It’s a breakfast game-changer. However, Ruby’s understands that something sweet isn’t necessarily everyone’s go-to breakfast pick. That is why they offer de-“lite”-ful options, like their turkey burger, or new egg white burrito which features organic spinach. And for those of you omelet lovers out there, you could always choose the egg white substitute. Ruby’s isn’t simply burgers, fries and shakes. Sure, they offer those options (good thing too, because they are delicious!) But they offer something for everyone, no matter your dietary preference. That is something that I personally love about Ruby’s. When creating the new menu items, Ruby’s wanted to make sure that the guests were exposed to unique and satisfying flavor profiles that would give them a full food experience, rather than simply, a full belly.

Mr. Belshe informed me that the company will continue to expand in the New Year. Including reaching more areas on the East Coast, as well as internationally. For now, those of us lucky enough to be in close proximity to a Ruby’s location, enjoy all that these darling little diners provide. Interested in becoming a part of the Ruby’s family? For franchisee opportunities, click here.



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