Let Bristol Farms Take the Stress Out of Your Thanksgiving Holiday

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Whenever I think of the holidays, food is always the first thing to come to mind.

Will there be both a turkey and a ham for Christmas dinner? Who’s bringing which items for Easter Sunday? How many chocolate hearts can I eat alone on Valentine’s Day? The questions run through my head until the big day is at hand and Thanksgiving is no exception. As the holiday quickly approaches this week, I had every intention to procrastinate on cooking until the very last second. That was until I got sick.

This week I got hit hard with my first bout of tonsillitis. On Tuesday I got what I thought was a sore throat which only escalated throughout the week and weekend. As I’ve been coming back to being myself, thanks to a throbbing penicillin shot and antibiotics, I realize that I’m not cooking a single thing for Thanksgiving. Having such a difficult previous week, the most I’m willing to do in the next coming days will only involve me plating something delicious and the way I plan to do that is with the help of Bristol Farms.

I’ve loved the company since their peach and hatch chile contests, and I’ve appreciated them even more after seeing their generous efforts during the California wildfires. With that said, I think it’s clear why I really like the company! Plus, I love the selection of, pretty much, everything the store sells from their cranberry and orange scones to their thick cuts of pork. That makes it so easy to put the task of catering my, yours, everyone’s Thanksgiving dinner in the hands of Bristol Farms.

For our early holiday meal at our residence Bristol Farms prepared a beautiful dinner!

An organic Bristol Farms Free Range Turkey ($2.79 per pound) sat as the centerpiece for the entire table. The perfect size to feed our family, the turkey came with Green Beans Almondine ($8.99 per pound) with fine raw almonds where the green beans had such a crisp in each snap of the long beans. Traditional Stuffing ($8.99 per pound) cooked with sweet Italian pork sausage – also available in store — fresh sage and thyme, and mushrooms. Of course, no table could be complete without a bowl of Candied Yams ($8.99) that were perfectly sweet that they were just right from start to finish. Then finally, a thick and creamy Turkey Gravy ($10.79 each) that included small slices of turkey, which made it seem like the best recipe that your grandmother and her grandmother would have been jealous of.

I know a lot of people feel the need to take on the often stressful responsibility of cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but if you don’t have to,  then don’t. Whether you don’t have the time, energy, or you’re like me, and you get very sick, then know Bristol Farms is ready to take your order. You can place an order from now till November 20, 2018, at 3 p.m. for a Thursday pickup and get all the delicious food that I had here and more. They make the job even easier — you can opt to pick up your food cold or hot, depending on your preference. Then, while you’re in the store, you can grab some cranberry sauce, extra veggies, pie and a few bottles of wine along the aisles while you’re there.

I really love all the food that comes along with the holidays and Thanksgiving is a favorite of mine. I’m glad I found out that Bristol Farms caters and that they were able to take care of the season’s eating for myself and my family considering my inability to do so myself. To have them take care of your holiday dinner, visit their Thanksgiving page, here!

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