Up Your Game With Tayst Coffee Roasters

Save the Planet, One Pod at a Time



‘ll admit, I’m pretty dependent on my morning cup of coffee. Its refreshing aroma and bitter edge gives me comfort and wakes me up for the day ahead. As for its caffeine content, it’s a much-appreciated bonus. And today coffee is not just a beverage to be savored, it’s also an experience. Finding new cafes, trying different flavors, and sharing the journey with friends makes the adventure worthwhile.


But with our mass consumption of coffee comes great responsibility. The good news is that as the coffee industry grows larger every year, coffee businesses are looking to address their environmental impact. Specialty coffee houses aren’t the only ones prioritizing the environment—even Starbucks has jumped on the bandwagon, offering their new Cold Foam beverages with a sippy lid, eliminating the need for a straw. As for Tayst Coffee Roasters, they’re bringing innovation to the field with their 100% compostable pods.

Compostable Pods

Tayst Pods

When it comes to making coffee, there’s nothing easier than throwing a K-Cup into a Keurig. In less than a minute the machine works its magic and violà—there’s your cup of joe, already flavored for you. Unfortunately, the majority of K-Cups are not recyclable, unless you deconstruct them into their metal, paper and plastic parts. Companies like Keurig Green Mountain are taking steps towards sustainability, but right now it’s not enough. With Tayst’s compostable pods, you can keep your Keurig, and have your coffee too.

Tayst’s pods have three parts, but you don’t have to dismantle them. Rather, these three parts make the pods 100% compostable, adding nutrients back into the Earth’s soil after use. The lid is made from bio materials and water based nutrient soil. The ring is made from natural bean skins and the mesh is made from renewable bio resins (meaning that its composition derives from biological sources). Tayst’s mesh is made to maximize the flavor of your coffee too. Tayst says, “Unlike the punch hole most single serve cups use, our mesh filter allows for even water filtration producing fuller flavors and smoother mouthfeel.”

Tayst Coffee

The company offers dark and medium roasts, as well as variety and decaf blends made from the finest beans available. As you might guess, Tayst is also concerned with ethically sourcing their beans. As a certified member of the Rainforest Alliance, the company is held to rigorous standards in order to protect our environment, provide financial benefits to coffee farmers, and support the farmers and their communities.

Tayst offers Keurig and Nespresso compatible single serve cups. You can purchase a monthly subscription for their pods here or get your friends involved by sending them a gift box. You’d certainly win me over with a box of coffee.


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