Dive Into Beachfront Breakfast at Tanner’s

Achieve your brunch goals while living the resort life at Paséa Hotel in Huntington Beach.

It’s likely that when the words beachfront and breakfast are paired together, Orange County comes to mind, and because of the pleasant year-round weather, that combination is always an option readily available. In Huntington Beach, a seaside city known for its vast stretches of sand and its iconic surfer culture, sitting down to eat parallel to the waves hitting the shore is an expected treat. Of course, the only thing that could be better than the idea itself is the superiority of the food set before you at that ocean-view table.

At Tanner’s, located within Paséa Hotel & Spa and adjacent to the bustling Pacific City, Chef Carlo Narabal has succeeded in ensuring that the fare is as equally lovely as the scenery.

Upon entering Tanner’s, visitors and locals alike are met with a rustic yet laid-back atmosphere that boasts an impressive view of the water, a perfect setting for enjoying a morning mimosa, or on a cooler morning, a carefully crafted latte. The beachfront backdrop to the restaurant and creative array of morning pick-me-ups are only a small part of the magic at Tanner’s, as their delicious fare leads as the front-runner of the entire experience.

Beyond the inviting atmosphere of the restaurant itself, the menu is home to a unique variety of dishes inspired by the coastal cuisine of Southern California. Chef Narabal’s global palate and passion for locally grown and sustainable ingredients is inspired by his youth and is reflected in his practice.Through glass panels, the kitchen’s own wood-fired inferno grill provides insight into how the dishes are made, the method of preparation reminiscent of beach bonfires and the carefree comfort that is found only in Southern California. The homage to bonfires evokes familiar tranquility that is matched in the thought behind and the taste within each dish.

The breakfast menu evokes a sense of warm nostalgia that has been carefully curated to satisfy cravings, both savory and sweet alike. For those who prefer to start their day on a hearty note, the Eggs Benedict is a classic dish that has been mastered, coated in Tanner’s house-made hollandaise, paired with crisp hash browns. The steak and eggs will satisfy with a marinated prime filet and sunnyside-up eggs, elegantly plated and richly flavored. For those who seek indulgence, the French toast, with its woodgrilled brioche and strawberries, will cure any desire for decadence. To share, or perhaps to hog, the cast-iron pan cinnamon bun is a swirl of delight, with its toppings of cream cheese frosting and Nutella drizzle. On the lighter side, the acai bowl is a generous serving of blended sorbet with cranberry juice adorned with house-made granola, cocoa nibs and fresh fruit, perfect for anyone looking for a healthy start.

Paséa Hotel & Spa holds a prime location, just steps away from the beach, making Tanner’s a perfect spot to stop by for breakfast or brunch after a mid-morning stroll on the sand. With its doors open at 7 a.m. and breakfast served until 11 a.m., there’s no excuse to pass up a visit. And with a memorable view of the ocean, the destination will inevitably become a favorite.

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