Taco De Mayo: The Definitive Taco Tuesday Experience

Fisher & Paykel Experience Center
695 Town Center Dr #180
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


here are few things so universally loved in the food world, as tacos. In Southern California we are blessed to celebrate them on a weekly basis with the greatest of unofficial holidays; Taco Tuesday. What happens when an astounding event company like The Whole Purpose brings in three of the most celebrated taco makers in California? The short answer is the best Taco Tuesday you could ask for — Taco De Mayo, an experiential and educational event created by The Whole Purpose. This event was special not just because of the fantastic tacos and chefs teaching how to cook them, but because of the message each bite carried.

It doesn’t take much to understand why tacos are so good, as all you really have to do is eat one. It is one of the few items that have so much great flavor in such a small, self-contained edible delivery system. Making not just great tacos, but healthy, easy to create at home tacos was the theme of the night. Teaching attendees how easy it is to break away from the stereotypical “Taco Night in America” hard shell, ground meat taco was the undercurrent of the evening.

Chef Wing Lam from Wahoo’s Fish Taco, Chef Rick “El Chefe” Garcia from Dia De Los Puercos and Chef Ernie Becerra from Salud created so much more than tacos for the captivated crowd. Laughter, exceptional stories, ingredients foreign to many, and family were all tangible elements of the evening. Guests learned the ease of cooking shrimp, the health advantages of using pork, and how vegan tacos can be just as delicious as anything with meat. All the chefs operated and cooked for the crowd with smiles as they effortlessly whipped together more than enough tacos for the 100+ attendees. 

The venue made it effortless as the Fisher & Paykel Experience Center is perfectly designed for an event such as Taco De Mayo. Meticulously designed and filled to the brim with every toy a chef could ask for, it is truly in a league of its own. Surrounded by some of the best restaurants in the area, the experience center is an unofficial hub for the food inclined. Paired with the outstanding team at The Whole Purpose, the entire night was perfection.

This was the first event held by The Whole Purpose open to men, and the hosts and crowd agreed, no better way to introduce men to The Whole Purpose than with a taco event. Helmed by Kelly Lam, wife of Chef Lam of Wahoo’s, The Whole Purpose designs experiences to educate on mindful wellness through a balanced lifestyle with focuses on nutrition and more. The taco contains more deliciousness per square inch than possibly any other food item in our day to day lives, so I can’t think of anything better to use as a delivery vehicle for not just taste, but a greater message about living better and awareness of self, community and family. Tacos already tell a story, but a taco from an event like this tells an astonishing one.

To experience these tacos for yourself, be sure to check out each chef on Instagram, and head over to their respective restaurants for the full experience. Also, be sure to check out The Whole Purpose for their next unique event for your opportunity to enthrall yourself in a world of great food, new friends and living better. 

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