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Fall Favorites Unveiled – Pumpkin Sushi Anyone?


ushi Roku Newport Beach mirrors the elegant characteristics of its surrounding community. Tall ceilings, with plenty of space, combined with an open floor plan, allows its guests to take in the beautiful modern architectural design found throughout the space. Located in the heart of Fashion Island, this sleek, upscale sushi restaurant is serving up traditional Japanese cuisine with a contemporary twist. If you thought you’d tasted the best, allow Sushi Roku to challenge that notion. New food and cocktail menu items were recently unveiled, surprising guests with even more extraordinarily paired ingredients to create a dining experience unlike any other.

Sushi Roku Newport Beach

A dinner at Sushi Roku Newport Beach should be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, to ensure your taste buds are embracing each dish’s unique flavor. If you’re unsure where to begin, try starting with their new Avocado Hanabi, a clever twist on the ever-so-popular avocado toast. This delicious appetizer is beautifully presented on a square bed of lightly crisped rice with avocado, kizami wasabi and truffle soy. It’s almost too delicate to eat. If you’re looking for a more fish-focused app to share, look no further then the Tuna Tartare with yuzu guacamole and soy truffles, presented with in-house made potato chips.

For the more daring diner, try exploring the option of ordering the Octopus Crudo, drizzled with yuzu kosho, olive oil and lemon. Even those who prefer not to eat this deep sea delicacy will be able to appreciate the beauty of its presentation. If tuna is your go-to choice, the Toro Carpaccio artfully topped with tamari soy, kizami wasabi and rich oscietra caviar is a must have. In fact, you may want to order two portions of the Toro Carpaccio, as it has a tendency amongst groups to disappear from the plate as soon as it’s placed on the table.

Be sure to save room for the main course! With options like the Tuna Pizza, consisting of crispy mushroom, avocado, balsamic drizzle, wasabi aioli and topped with a slice of serrano –  to the Grilled Salmon, lightly crisped on the outside and soft as butter on the inside, laid upon a yuzu crème fraiche, and paired with a fennel and blood orange salad, you may have a hard time choosing just one. Sushi Roku’s new entreés marry together the perfect pairing of flavors. True matches made in culinary heaven. Additional options sure to impress your dining guest(s), include the Nova Scotia Lobster Tail drizzled in a yuzu citrus butter (just be prepared to share). Another crowd pleaser is the Bamboo Rice Risotto, complete with shrimp, scallops and truffles. It’s a wonderfully warm and comforting dish, sure to fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied.

If you’re more of a sushi roll lover, don’t regret leaving without having tried the Gensai and Senshi Rolls. The Gensai Roll is made up of seared togarashi salmon, kizami wasabi and avocado, a safe bet for those who like to avoid spicier dishes. Whereas, the Senshi Roll features yellowtail and cucumber, topped with avocado, and served with a side of spicy aioli sauce. Both rolls will satisfy, but only one roll will be the talk of the night on the way home, and that’s the Pumpkin Tempura Roll. Hello fall and hello everything pumpkin, including this amazing and unique roll comprised of pumpkin tempura and avocado, graciously drizzled in a spicy caper sauce. It’s sure to satisfy those fall food cravings.

Assuming you’ve left just enough room to split some dessert, opt for the Pumpkin Cheesecake or experience the Apple Pie Carnival Cake. That’s right, experience it. A dessert truly unlike any other you may have come across before, the Apple Pie Carnival Cake is topped with cotton candy, drizzled with 151 and then lit on fire, sparking a downpour of sugary goodness onto a warmed apple pie topped with ice cream. Get your cameras ready; this specialty dessert is definitely Instagram worthy.

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