Tune in: Things You Didn’t Know About Food With Simon Majumdar

Eat My Globe, a new podcast by Simon Majumdar, helps listeners understand the history behind some of the dishes we take for granted.



imon Majumdar is a world-traveler, food expert and, now, podcast creator! He’s also a writer with an incredible talent for storytelling. Simon has gifted our readers with an inside look at the tales of his taverna dining experience on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, his quest for a taste of the Philippines in San Diego, an Armenian cave-dining culinary excursion, not to mention his visit to a Tanzanian spice plantation. Now, he’s turning to an alternative format to educate us about the history behind some of our favorite foods — like fish & chips, sushi and the covetable lunch time essential, the sandwich. He’ll even be covering the last meals on the Titanic! Eat My Globe: Things You Didn’t Know about Food just launched this past week on  Oct. 1, with new episodes releasing every two weeks. We caught up with our writer asked Simon a few quick questions to gain some insight behind the mic.


Q&A With Simon

What sort of format are you using? Will your conversations be gritty and tangential or structured?

The format will vary depending on the subject. The initial episodes will primarily be me talking about a subject, although future ones may include interviews.

Can you tease any topics you’ll feature on the podcast?

Absolutely. The initial episodes will cover subjects such as fish & chips, SPAM, gin, tea, the sandwich, sushi and the last meals on the Titanic.

Are you going to record the podcast as you’re traveling, or at home in a studio?

I shall record either in a studio in Los Angeles or a friend’s studio in Phoenix.

What makes Eat My Globe a stand-out from other food podcasts? What are you doing differently?

I think there are lots of podcasts talking about food, but I don’t think there is one specifically looking at it from a historical point of view. I hope to make people realize that some of the dishes they might take for granted have an amazing history.

Of the places you’ve traveled, which one are you most looking forward to featuring on the podcast?

Well, this is more about things and people than places. But, I hope we can include some travel elements to it further down the road.

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