How Shinobu Barbecue is Winning Over Meat Lovers

Shinobu Barbecue

15202 Goldenwest St Westminster, CA 92683

(714) 799-7227

Shinobu Barbecue


f you’re a major carnivore, you probably already know about Japanese barbecue. If you’re not so familiar with what it is, Japanese barbecue involves DIY cooking of different types of meat, making for a fun and delicious restaurant experience. Luckily Orange County is home to plenty of places that make it possible to try this specific cuisine. Westminster’s go-to spot for meat lovers is none other than Shinobu Barbecue.

What exactly makes Shinobu Barbecue stand out from the rest? If I had to sum it up in one dish, it would be the imported A5 Miyazaki beef from Japan, which I was lucky enough to get to try. The marbled strips are unlike any meat you’ve ever had, a savory and buttery cut that will leave you wanting more. The state of the art grills are coated in beef fat before cooking your meats to ensure easy grilling. The beauty of the cuts are complemented by the restaurant’s environment, fresh feeling and inviting.

The A5 Miyazaki Waygu isn’t the only specialty on the menu. Other cuts of meat including the Kobe Boneless Short Rib, another customer favorite. Not only was I impressed with that particular cut, but I was also won over by the Brussels, Corn and Bacon appetizer. The dish is even more delectable than it sounds, a flavorful mix of rich bacon bits and crispy Brussels sprouts, brought together full circle by bits of sweet corn. The starter was a perfect introduction to the meat that followed.

If you’re not set on going all in on red meat, Shinobu Barbecue also offers pork dishes as well as chicken, rice, noodles, and soup. Happy hour makes for a convenient opportunity to try some menu options. Monday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and from 8:30 to close (Mon-Wed they do last call at 9:30, Thurs – Sat last call is 10:30), you can stop in for drink specials as well as appetizer and BBQ items. The drink menu is just as welcoming as the food, with a Japanese beer list featuring Hitachino & Coedo, two incredibly popular Japanese craft breweries.  While I myself stuck with Sake, I’m eager to get back and try some of their creative cocktails.

I came to feast on red meat but found myself enjoying more than just the fine cuts. I left feeling satiated and satisfied but not overly stuffed, something I don’t often get during a Japanese BBQ experience. The high quality of meat along with the clean and modern feel of the restaurant is what makes Shinobu BBQ one of a kind in Orange County.

When it comes to regret, your only one will be not getting there sooner.



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