Seedlip Is the World’s First Nonalcoholic ​​Distilled Spirit

Ben Branson wanted
to create the first nonalcoholic
distilled spirit. So he made Seedlip.

When Ben Branson stumbled upon physician John French’s 17th century book “The Art of Distillation,” the seeds of an idea were planted. He began experimenting with recipes from the book using a small copper still and fresh herbs from his garden. He wanted to bring together his mother’s 300-year English farming heritage, his father’s brand design expertise and his love for nature to offer complex and sophisticated nonalcoholic beverages. And thus, Seedlip was born.

Today, on bar shelves around the world, the bottles stand out among premium spirits with eye-catching Victorian-style botanical art. “As a new product and category, it was vital to make a high impact through design,” notes Branson. “Our design captures the care we have for our ingredients and nature in a striking, simple and beautiful way.” In addition to its cool bottle design, what makes Seedlip appealing to many is that it is sugar-free, allergen-free and has zero calories. It can be served on the rocks as an adult alternative to sugary soft drinks or mixed into a cocktail with spirits.


For Branson, the success and acceptance of Seedlip has a lot to do with good timing. “We’re living in a time when people are thinking about their health, reading labels and are just generally interested in where things they consume come from,” he says. “ The nonalcoholic movement is about the impact that various societal forces are having on people’s relationship with alcohol. …  There is a long way to go, but we are proud to be leading the way, highlighting the global paradigm shift in how people socialize, what hospitality means and what constitutes a great drink.” | @seedlipusa

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