Chef Roy Choi Hits Up Las Vegas With New Restaurant at Park MGM

Roy Choi

Roy Choi Set to Bring Koreatown to the Vegas Strip Late 2018

L.A.’s original street food fusionist, Chef Roy Choi, is slated to open a new restaurant on the Vegas Strip in late 2018. So far it’s been described in vague terms as a multi-faceted, multi-sensory . . . Koreatown-inspired concept. And the fact that it remains unnamed has sparked a lot of interest and speculation on just what Chef Roy Choi has in mind. I think we already know it’ll be amazing. And why wouldn’t it be? Choi is LA’s Koreatown, so who better than Choi to bring that flavor to Vegas?

“I cannot wait to share what we have in store for Las Vegas at Park MGM,” said Choi. “This restaurant will be full of soul and culture that is influenced by the energy of Koreatown in Los Angeles, my hometown.”

Roy Choi’s team describes the restaurant’s vibe as comfortable and familiar with generous, immersive spaces. He basically wants to get you in the mood to eat his food. And he has a good track record of doing just that. Choi owns Kogi BBQ, Chego, A-Frame, Commissary, POT and LocoL. In 2011 and 2016 he was named one of the 100 Most Influential People by TIME Magazine.

You could say that he’s an exciting guy. He started cooking at a young age at his family’s restaurant in Anaheim, then attended a gifted-students’ program. His family moved neighborhoods a lot, and in high school, he hung out with a bad crowd. His parents eventually sent him to the Southern California Military Academy in Signal Hill, which he liked. Out came a kid who would later teach in Korea, earn a philosophy degree from Cal State Fullerton, drop out of law school, attend the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park, intern at Le Bernardin, work for several years as a journeyman chef at four and five star hotels— eventually to meet his future partner, Mark Manguera, to say f*@$ it all and open a food truck. As you know, the rest is history, and his food truck Kogi forever changed America’s perception of the “roach coach.”

Construction of Choi’s newest, un-named restaurant is currently underway at the Park MGM, formerly known as the Monte Carlo. And we’re not talking about just one restaurant — Eater L.A. speculates it’ll have multiple sit-down restaurants peppered with a cafe, bar, perhaps even a food hall.

We’ve grown to trust Choi’s authentic take on food and how to enjoy it. I don’t believe he’ll start disappointing now. He’s like that loyal friend you’ve always wanted, who without fail, has an open door and a fridge full of good food and cold beer.

“We are building this place to celebrate the fans and families that have supported us, and to welcome new friends around the world to the culture, personalities, and amazing food experiences born on the streets of L.A,” said Choi.

Right now the Restaurant-With-No-Name is whatever you imagine it to be. But trust Choi, whatever he comes up with will be way better than what you could ever have imagined.

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