Pop-Up Restaurants Set to Conquer Our Palates

Ah, the pop-up — a temporary restaurant set up for the sole purpose of celebrating culinary talent. You’ve heard of them. Maybe you’ve even seen some pics on your Instagram feed. But can you really call yourself a foodie if you’ve never been to one? Pop-ups may be elusive, but when you find one, you’ll know that you’ll be feasting on more than just a trendy new menu; you’ll be eating up an experience. Whether it’s for date night, a celebration or just a way to switch things up, here are some pop-up restaurants that you should have on your radar.

The Poppy Club

What: A secret dining society by Five Crowns

Go for the 11 varieties of absinthe served on drip, then say the password to stay for Chef Alejandra Padilla’s inventively delicious menu. @fivecrownsrestaurant

Dîner en Blanc

What: A chic and very hush-hush French pop-up tradition

Hundreds of registered guests dress in all-white and gather at a secret venue — a location that isn’t revealed until the very last minute. dinerenblanc.com


What: An intimate celebration of SoCal  flavors

This O.C./L.A. pop-up offers innovative eats created by Karlo Evaristo and Jared Ventura as well as phenomenal beverage pairings by Brad Fry. @restaurant_adia

Feast California

What: A high-end, outdoor experience

Even if you’re an O.C. native, Feast’s luxe and luscious menus and incredible secret locations will transport you to a whole new world. feastcalifornia.com

Heritage Barbecue

What: O.C.’s best (-kept secret) barbecue

You’ve never had smoked brisket on a traditional central Texas offset smoker like Daniel Castillo’s! Chow down at one of his pop-ups. @heritagebarbecue

La Fama

What: A host-your-own experience

No matter what you’d like for your next event, Chef Carlo Guardado can make it happen. He’ll curate an unforgettable menu for your guests! @laluzgroup

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