7 Things to Look Forward to From Dana Point’s Parallel Pizzeria

Two Chefs Bring Together the Flavors and Lifestyle of Two Parallel Coasts


ast meets West in Chef Ryan Adams and Chef James Nunn’s upcoming restaurant, Parallel Pizzeria. Set to open just in time for Memorial Day weekend in Dana Point’s The Row, Parallel Pizzeria takes East Coast-style favorites and gives them a West-Coast twist. The star of the menu is their New Haven-style pizza, which features a thin, crispy, never-soggy crust.

Besides the chefs’ penchant for fresh, local ingredients and unusual flavors, you can also anticipate a wood-burning pizza oven, a few arcade games, and a stylish interior designed by Jeff Hatch from Hatch Design Group. And while we’re excited for all of those things, what we’re really looking forward to is the menu!

What to Expect From Parallel Pizzeria’s Menu

1. Large Portions

Parallel Pizzeria is going to offer two sizes for their pizzas: Small and Large. But don’t be fooled, these oblong-shaped pies are the sizes of sheet pans. They’re tasty, shareable and perfect for when you have to feed a big party … or just a big appetite.

2. Pizzas with Pizazz

Parallel Pizzeria is going to feature unique flavors on its menu, and each is more delicious than the last. To start with something simple, try the white pizza. Its mild cheese and delicate crunch make this an instant classic. A bolder choice is the mashed potato pizza, which may sound unusual, but the crispy crust balances out the dollops of creamy mashed potatoes perfectly. Perhaps the most adventurous choice on the menu is the clam pizza. Its subtle flavor and tender consistency are reminiscent of a fun spin on linguine and clams.

3. Salads with a Kick

When you order a salad at Parallel Pizzeria, don’t be expecting a ho-hum plate of lettuce. Just like any of their menu items, these guys don’t take flavor lightly! Be prepared for fresh, bright greens drizzled with bold, tangy, full-bodied dressings piled high with delicious, filling toppings. For a light bite, try their West-Coast-inspired salad, or for the taste of an East Coast deli, order their chopped salad.

4. An Overstuffed Deli Favorite

Speaking of an East Coast deli, this belly-busting hoagie boasts a thick pile of cold cuts that features a mixture that’s similar to their chopped salad. Then it’s placed between a light, not-too-doughy roll for the perfect chew factor. It’s tangy, filling, and oh so deli-licious.

5. Off-Menu Options

Chef Ryan never underestimates the power of having fun. He plans on switching the menu up every so often with Chef Specials for their pizzas and salads. Another fun feature will be a build-your-own option. Between your creativity and the chefs’, you’re bound to bite into exactly what you’ve been craving; whether it’s something new or something tried and true.

6. Gluten Free Options

For those who are sensitive to gluten, Parallel Pizzeria will have a gluten-free option for their small-sized pizzas. This way, everyone can enjoy the tasty cracker-like crust that makes such a tasty base for these New Haven-Style pies.

7. Beer and Wine on Tap

The only thing more exciting than having six beers and six wines to choose from is knowing that they’ll all be on tap. Wait, wine on tap? You heard us! Keeping the alcohol on tap maintains the quality and freshness of the spirits.


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