Honey & Butter: The Cutest Dessert You’ll Ever Eat

honey and butter macaron
Macarons With an OC Influence

For those of you who have never experienced the taste of a macaron, let me help fill you in. The outside cookie portion is made up of a thin and light meringue crust, which gives way to a creamy center — typically a chocolate ganache or buttercream. Today, there are so many different flavors of macarons, and apparently, they also come in all shapes and sizes! And luckily for you, Honey & Butter exists to fulfill those needs. Honey & Butter is a small shop located in Irvine, owned by husband and wife duo, Leanne and Pawel Pietrasinski. Before opening Honey & Butter, neither of them had any culinary experience and are self-taught bakers – pretty amazing! Their whimsical, creative creatures will have you beyond impressed and eager to take your own Insta-worthy photo.

A Brief History

It’s said that all good things take time. Take for example the ever-so-scrumptious macaron cookie, born in Italy in 1533. Catherine de Medicis, the wife of Henry II, King of France, was the woman who blessed us all with such a creation. Since the dawning of this delectable dessert, pastry chefs all over the world have been putting their own unique spin on this age-old treat. In fact, what most people don’t know about the macaron is that it was originally a single-layer, simple cookie, consisting of only almond powder, sugar and egg whites. Jump ahead to the 20th century, where a man by the name of Pierre Desfontaines came up with the brilliant idea of merging two macaron cookies together and filling them with a chocolate ganache, and the rest is history. Since then French macaron cookies have been nationally acclaimed in France, and a top selling tasty treat here in the U.S.!

Honey & Butter

Everything is made from scratch, each day. Some of Honey & Butter’s more eye-catching macarons are known as “creatures.” Each creature is meticulously decorated by hand – no machines used here! These specialty creatures start being brought out for purchase around noon, and go fast, so it’s best to get there at 12 sharp to secure the freshest selection. The idea behind turning their already delightful macarons into characters was spawned after a customer requested a design. Once they realized how quickly it took off (and how high the demand for designs increased with their customers), they haven’t stopped creating creature macarons since.

Dessert & Beer Pairing

If you’re looking for some fun drink and dessert combinations, Leanne and Pawel suggest pairing a darker beer with their Sea Salted Dark Chocolate macaron. It has a nice bitter and rich flavor balanced with salt, making it the ideal flavor combo. Not really into dark beers?  A fruitier beer pairs nicely with their Enchanted Berries macaron which contains raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants. That tasty tart flavor will leave you wanting more.

Create Your Own

Honey & Butter accepts custom orders, which can be placed here. Their daily flavors include Nutella, Milk & Honey, French Toast Crunch, Sea Salted Caramel, Cookie Butter, Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt, Enchanted Berries, Vanilla Bean, Matcha, Churro and Fruity Pebbles. Depending on the day of the week, they have unusual flavors that make special appearances. Some of these flavors include Honey Lavender, Hazelnut Coffee, Earl Grey, Pistachio, and many others! For a full list, click here. Honey & Butter will also introduce specialty flavors that change seasonally.

To satisfy that sweet tooth, pay Honey & Butter a visit and check out their Instagram page, sure to leave you drooling!

Honey & Butter | Irvine | 949.536.5556

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