Travel to Paris in Just Minutes at Moulin Laguna Beach

An Immersive Parisian Café Experience Without Leaving the OC

Moulin Laguna Beach 248 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


f you’ve always wanted to travel to Paris, but haven’t checked it off your list yet, we’re here to help. Moulin in Laguna Beach will transport you to the streets of Paris, offering an authentic Parisian café experience, without ever leaving Orange County. The café reflects the vision of the restaurant owner, Laurent Vrignaud. Laurent reminisces to us about his childhood in Paris and growing up with cafés on the corners of the boulevards. They are a huge part of the Parisian culture, and he definitely brought that element to California when he relocated to the States. The difference between Laurent Vrignaud and the average restauranteur is that he engages with the community. He adapts his business based on the wants and needs of his customers without sacrificing the heart and soul of his vision. He knows many of the local patrons by name. He talks and jokes with them. He has quickly become a fixture of Laguna Beach and is proud of his engagement with the community.

A defining feature of Laurent’s vision is that he seeks to keep the experience truly authentic. Laurent’s goal is to expand his guest’s palates and make them privy to the flavors and options of his home city.

Crepe’s and waffles among many other incredible treats are featured on the sweet side of his menu, while sandwiches and Parisian “hotdogs” (homemade sausages served in hollowed-out baguettes) are offered for your savory cravings.

Laguna Beach is the perfect home for Moulin. Though it is the second iteration of the café (the first being in Newport), the charming and popular Forest Avenue location has proven to be a natural fit for the Parisian café experience.

Moulin is nestled within the quaint storefronts of the Avenue and immerses guests in the café vibe before even entering. The patio dining area is small and intimate with little circular tables and umbrellas —these are textbook Parisian café amenities. As you enter, you’ll find a display case with sandwiches, baked goods and beverage and wine section with an array of options. Little tables run the length of the café, providing an indoor dining option.

With the expansion of the Paris café experience always in mind, Laurent and his team have added five new seasonal items to the dessert menu. They are the Coupe Glacée classiques, and include the Banana Split, Poire Belle Helene (poached pear with ice cream), Dame Blanche (a Parisian take on the sundae), Cafe Liegeois (coffee ice cream) and Boules de Glaces (assorted ice cream scoops).

“Growing up in Paris, some of the most memorable moments of childhood summers were spent getting lost in the simple indulgence of a coupe glacée,” recalls Laurent. “These classic desserts are reflective of the café culture we embody at Moulin; providing our guests with yet another way to escape in a daydream to Paris.”

Moulin Laguna Beach is the perfect Parisian escape without ever leaving the OC. We suggest you get down to Moulin as soon as you can to take in the quaint environment, try the new seasonal desserts and get a taste of Paris. You won’t be disappointed!

Moulin Laguna Beach 248 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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