McFadden Public Market Brings a Bar Arcade Communal Eateries to DTSA

Nostalgia on Main Street

515 N Main Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701


cFadden Public Market just landed in DTSA on Main St & Santa Ana Blvd, pulling out all the stops you could ever want in an eatery. Six different menus + over 20 square feet of classic, 80’s arcade games = a foodie’s dream.  It’s like being surrounded by food trucks, but you’re indoors — and upstairs there’s a full, OG arcade equipped with its own bar. No need to even bar hop, this public market is a one stop shop.

So here’s the game plan: trek upstairs for some brew and Atari action, work up an appetite on pinball, and head back down for four choices of bomb grub.

On the top floor and adjacent to the arcade is Mission Control – McFadden’s bar arcade, if you will –  where you can drink down a craft beer while racking up points on Ms. Pacman. Directly beneath the bar arcade is Under Control, McFadden’s first-story bar, offering classic cocktails in a sunlit lounge lined with pinball machines.

If you’ve got a craving for Vietnamese food, swing by Bone Stock for traditional shrimp rolls or pho. But if you really want to experience the greatness that is Bone Stock, go for the spring-ception rolls: two, crispy egg rolls wrapped in one, huge spring roll – it might just become your after work addiction.

Drop by Rooster Republic for all that is fried chicken. With revolving sides and fried chicken, from a two-piece plate to a half bird meal, this eatery settles that spot in your belly for good ol’ southern cooking.

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Tacos En Tu Boca is the place for fusion cuisine. Set in a build-it-your-way design, this eatery creates tacos, burritos, bowls and nachos inspired by Chinese, Japanese and Filipino flavors. If you’re just in the mood for a snack, try their elotes that are lightly dressed in crema and cotija, and juicy to the last kernel.

When you’re ready to close out the night at McFadden, Milk Man Ice Cream has got you covered. Offering handcrafted ice cream, freezes and floats, milkshakes and malts, the list of flavors includes more than just the traditional chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Banana pudding, PB&J and watermelon sorbet line the menu, among others.

Pair your dessert with a latte from Solid Coffee and get a second wave from the caffeine that just might convince you to stay a while longer. Round two anyone?

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