10 Reasons You Need to Visit the Museum of Ice Cream


s of this past weekend, Downtown Los Angeles is officially home to the brand new MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM. Correct. A museum dedicated to the world’s greatest treat. Right here in the City of Angels. I can’t believe it either, but turns out it’s real people! And real awesome at that! Last week I got a sneak peek inside the “museum” and trust me, it’s just something you’ve got to see (or taste in this case) to believe. As if I need to give you any more reason to want to go to an ice cream museum besides “ice cream”, here are 10 more things to get you all geared up for your trip to sweet and sprinkle town!

1. There’s a sprinkle pool that you are welcome to “swim” in – yes it’s hygienic, they clean it, and they’re not actually real sprinkles they’re plastic! The museum “docents” we’ll call them will tell you all about how many germs you won’t be getting all over you – nope, not in their pool!


2. There’s a ton of ice cream to eat!!! From McConnell’s to mochi, to ice cream sammies… you will definitely eat ice cream at the Museum of Ice Cream.


3. You can take all the photos and videos you want. So dress in your LA best!


4. There’s a swing set and a trampoline. And also like 1000 hanging yellow and pink bananas. Need I say more?


5. There are several rooms dedicated to all the most popular ice cream flavors (and toppings) – my favorite being the mint room because duh – mint is my favorite.


6. There are incredible art installations. Ice cream art? Yes Please?


7. The outside of the museum (and a lot of the inside for that matter) is PINK. I’m thinking it’s going to become the new Paul Smith wall, so even if you don’t make it inside that day, you can at least get your Instagram on outside!


8. If you find a gold dove chocolate… you get a very special prize.


9. You will have the opportunity to “speak” on the phone with the ice cream fairy – trust me you’ll want to hear what he has to say.


10. You need to go so you can SAY you’ve been to a museum of ice cream. It’s a rare privilege and don’t you forget it!



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