8 Kitchen Gadgets the Kids Will Love

Kids Can Take Over in the Kitchen With These Fun Gadgets



ooking with your child makes the experience fun and provides a chance for your kids to learn more about what goes on in the kitchen. There are so many gadgets out there that are ideal for making the perfect meal, but are they kid friendly? Cooking with your children can now be easier with all of the different gadgets available for you to use. These are some fun items for your kitchen that you and your kids will love to use while cooking.


Fred and Friends Taco Truck

We all love to make tacos at home, but it can be messy, or the taco shells never holds the fillings correctly. Fred and Friends have created these little trucks that have slots for your taco shells so they can sit up properly and your taco toppings won’t fall all over the place. When you order these fun additions to your kitchen, it comes with two trucks.


YolkFish Egg Separator

When it comes to making a dish with only egg whites or only egg yolks separating the two are so difficult to do, now there is a gadget that will make the task so much easier. Peleg Design’s YolkFish makes separating the yolks and egg whites so much easier, and anyone one in the kitchen can use it. Now everyone in the kitchen can help, while avoiding a broken yolk in the dish.


Hedgehog Cheese Grater

Another friendly animal to have in the kitchen is this cheese grating hedgehog. This  Koziol hedgehog design can grate any cheese so that you can get the perfect little-shredded pieces for your dish. The transparent four legged cheese grater is also to use and is not sharp, so any helper in the kitchen can get their hands on this gadget.


Customizable Cookie Stamp

These customizable cookie stamps from Uncommongoods make any occasion special because the cookies are made just how you like. The stamps can have any phrase, words, or symbols so that everyone can have their cookie specifically for them. This fun kitchen gadget is perfect for kids because they get to choose what their cookie says. They can also make a cookie specifically for some one else with the stamps.


Mushroom Egg Slicer

Slicing veggies can be difficult for anyone, but especially when kids are helping in the kitchen. NorPro’s Mushroom Egg Slicer is perfect for any round fruit or vegetable that needs to be sliced without even using a knife. Kids will love to use this kitchen tool because of how easy it is and how quickly they can slice up fruits and veggies for the dish, without accidents.


Le Petit Chef Set

This set is perfect for the aspiring little chef or any kid that loves to be in the kitchen. Opinel’s Le Petit Chef Set at Williams Sonoma includes a 2″ peeler, 4″ utility knife and finger guard. The knife is stainless steel for precise cutting. The finger guard keeps the hand protected while holding the food. The peeler and knife both have secure grip rings to protect fingers. Any child can come in the kitchen and help with the dish while using these quality cutlery tools specifically for them.


Fred and Friends Bear Hands Oven Mitts

When cooking in the kitchen, there are always so many hot pots and pans it is important to have the perfect oven mitts. These fun bear claw mitts will keep kids hands protected in the kitchen while also looking fashionable. The oven gloves come in multiple colors so your children can choose which one suits them best.


American Girl™ Baking Essentials Set

Baking in the kitchen is always a favorite, and it just got better with every girls favorite American Girl set. The set at Williams Sonoma includes a 40 baked goods recipes, measuring cups, measuring spoons, a bowl, a spatula and a rolling pin. This set will ensure that every young baker will enjoy their time in the kitchen baking their favorite baked goods.


Adding these gadgets in your kitchen will create a fun environment for your kids to get in the kitchen and help cook a meal. Check out Fred and Friends or NorPro on Amazon for more kitchen gadget gift ideas.

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