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othing complements a hot summer day like an ice-cold smoothie … so it’s no surprise that the juicing and smoothie industry has become a $9 billion industry today. In recent years, there’s been a movement towards healthier options and better quality ingredients, accounting for the industry’s rapid growth. But that doesn’t mean that all your options are healthy, or ethically sourced. If not all smoothies are created equal, how do you pick the best choice for your body? Juice It Up! Orange County

Leave it to Juice It Up! to provide you with nutritional guidance and healthy choices. From their health-conscious menu, Raw Juice Bars and their research & development team, Juice It Up! exceeds all expectations and embodies healthy living. In fact, Juice It Up! has the most raw juice bars in Orange County, and it has continued to diversify its menu with an emphasis on unique, high-quality ingredients.  Juice It Up! Orange County

Juice It Up! Orange County

Research & Development

How does Juice It Up! continue to push the boundaries of healthy choices? That challenge goes to Noah Burgess, the research & development food scientist at Juice It Up!. Noah brings a background in food science and a unique perspective as a Hawaiian local to Juice It Up!’s team. Noah has plenty of experience with exotic fruits and their contents, making him a perfect fit for the job. Noah adds that during his time in Hawaii, “I was exposed to a plethora of fruits, veggies and flavors that were luckily all grown in my backyard. Being raised in Hawaii also exposed me to various types of cuisine at an early age, as it is a cultural melting pot. I attribute much of my inspiration from my home and the natural, fresh tastes derived from the island.”

It takes time, patience and dedication to come up with new recipes, and Noah is continuously researching trends and investigating other cultures to find inspiration, “Seeing what other people in other areas of the world are doing, and taking the time to taste their flavor profiles, is key to discovering new trends and flavors. It is through this process that we can fuse different techniques and ingredients together to make something super original, and incredibly delicious!”

Source to Store

Juice It Up!’s creations begin with experimentation, “Truthfully, food expos and farmer’s markets are the best outlets to research various unique ingredients,” Noah says. Once an ingredient is identified, the procurement department steps in to find reputable suppliers for that product. “It is one of the most important aspects of product development,” Noah says, “This is one of the many reasons why we truly value the relationships we’ve made with our trusted vendors!” After all, high-quality ingredients and trustworthy suppliers create a high-quality finished product, from the bottom up. Juice It Up! Orange County

“At Juice It Up!, the whole fruits and vegetables that create our raw juices and top our bowls are always delivered fresh daily to our locations,” adds Noah. This is another important aspect of Juice It Up!’s process, enhancing flavor and nutrition in every bite. For handcrafted smoothies and superfruit bowls, the process is slightly different, “The fruits we receive are individually quick frozen (IQF) to maintain all their nutritional properties while maintaining their perfect blend of texture and taste.” So all in all, you can be confident that all of the options that are available to you at Juice It Up! support your health.

Decisions, Decisions…

Juice It Up! offers a versatile menu, and knowing which items suit your lifestyle can come in handy. Juice It Up! Orange County

Juice It Up! Orange County

Juice It Up! smoothies contain frozen fruit, juice or milk, ice and non-fat yogurt or sherbet. All of Juice It Up!’s smoothies are high in fiber, and many of their fruits and veggies include high amounts of vitamin A, C and K. By using high-quality frozen fruits and fresh vegetables, Juice It Up! ensures that every drink has a high nutrient density too. In other words, their real fruit-smoothies have a high value of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants per calorie/gram of sugar. Noah adds, “We also have nutritional boost options, such as collagen and probiotics, to further increase the nutrient density of our handcrafted smoothies, raw juices and superfruit bowls.”

Specialty Smoothies.

“Specialty smoothies at Juice It Up! use more exotic fruits and/or functional ingredients,” Noah says. Protein smoothies offer a higher protein content, while Superfruit Smoothies feature unique ingredients from Central and South America, such as Acai and Pitaya. Noah says, “For a pre/post workout smoothie, I would recommend Juice It Up!’s PB Cold Brew Mocha. Not only is it super delicious, but it’s also jam-packed with protein for muscle recovery, as well as caffeine to give you an energy boost. Our handcrafted smoothies can be just as functional as they are delicious, which are what we always strive to provide to our customers.” Juice It Up! Orange County

Bowls. Juice It Up! Orange County

Bowls are simply thicker in consistency than a smoothie, making it the perfect option for a fast meal or snack between events. In addition to the fresh fruit in every bowl, toppings add a finishing touch. Noah says, “Our toppings, particularly our nuts and seeds, deliver a much higher protein content, as well as provide a source of healthy fats such as Omega-3 fatty acids. Fats are essential to our diets, but it’s important to ensure that the fats you are ingesting are healthy ones.”


When it comes to juice options, Juice It Up! pretty much has em’ all. Freshly squeezed raw juices and raw juice blends are quite popular, and you may be surprised to learn that they are the same thing, “The difference is if the fruits and veggies are extracted using cold pressed or centrifugal methods,” Noah says. Cold pressed methods do retain more nutritional value than centrifugal methods. Juice It Up! also serves blended juices. Blending whole fruits creates a thinner liquid and allows for optimal fiber intake. “A blender pulverizes a fruit or veggie into a liquid while maintaining its fiber content, most of which comes from the skin or peel,” Noah adds. The benefits of blended juices are pretty endless; they are high in vitamins and minerals, hydrating and naturally detoxifying too.

Last but not least, Juice It Up!’s latest menu includes cold-pressed juices and Bottled Shots for on-the-go users. Bottled shots offer a quick nutritional boost, where you can decide what type of boost fits you best. Meanwhile, a cold-pressed juice has a longer shelf life of 30-45 days, compared to a freshly squeezed juice that lasts about 72 hours, offering ease and convenience for those with a fast-paced lifestyle. Rest assured, freshly squeezed juices and cold-pressed juices contain the same nutrients. Noah adds, “A bonus to note is that both options have a variety of flavors to choose from … so why not try them all?”

Juice It Up! Orange County

Noah’s Favorites

We’re letting Noah take over to share a few of his favorite creations; when in doubt, we turn to the experts!

“I have quite a few Juice It Up! creations that are my favorites … call me biased!

My favorite handcrafted smoothie is our newly added chili lime mango smoothie, which is a blend of mango, lemon, orange, ginger and chili lime salt. I love the sour punch it provides and its little heat back note.

My favorite superfruit bowl is our protein acai bowl; not only is it delicious, it always makes me feel great after a workout. It’s a blend of soy milk, acai, banana and peanut butter — think peanut butter and acai jelly topped with granola. Yum!

My favorite Juice It Up! raw juice is our invigorator juice blend. This tasty beverage incorporates fresh orange, pineapple, spinach and kale. I like to call it my super greens OJ in the morning!”

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