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MÄS (Ashland)


ÄS chef/owner Joshua Dorcak creates menus as a way to share his inspirations with others. He is constantly taking in the world around him, eager to find something special to bring back to the kitchen. This natural curiosity lends itself to experimentation, but his thoughtfulness ensures what he puts on a plate is polished and delicious. Despite over 14 years of cooking experience, Josh is constantly looking for ways to improve his abilities and delight his customers.

MÄS is a pop up started in May of 2017 and is limited to 12-16 guests per experience. MÄS represents southern Oregon’s bounty within 10-12 courses. Each experience is slightly different in regards to what is happening with the farms that Josh uses to procure produce.

In the Neighborhood — (Ashland)

Ashland is a small town in Southern Oregon, the first town to be exact. The downtown is small and quaint, filled with bustling restaurants in the summer months. The ‘plaza’ is where most of these restaurants call home.

Public House

TOT  — — “Pho Friday is a must! Home made from scratch cooking.”

Hither Market  — — “Ashland’s newest culinary member, looking forward to this high-class market.”


Mix Bakeshop  — — “Pastries and homemade ice creams are highlighted at this local gem.”


MÄS (Ashland)
MÄS (Ashland)

Weekend Eats / Farms

Within a few miles from Ashland there are beautiful valleys and quaint towns. Towns like Jacksonville and Talent are nice escapes for the residents of Ashland in the peak of tourist season. Along the way to these small communities, there are numerous fantastic wineries.

Los Tres Potrillos (Phoenix)Yelp — “This is the place to get Mexican cuisine! Oh, and how can I forget $1 tacos Monday-Friday!”

Forty-Five Craft Coffee (Jacksonville) — “Best Craft Coffee around, Phil is a wizard.”

Over-Easy (Medford) — “The best pop up brunch! Show up early or call for your spot.”

Red Fern Farm (Little Applegate) —  “Michael and Gina are sole to the earth people.”

Ridgeline Meadows Farm (Applegate)Facebook — “Ridgeline Meadows Farm practices dry farming. No water is used and the end results are wonderfully rich fruits and vegetables.”

Blue Fox Farm (Provolt) — — “Chris Jagger is a huge supporter of food culture.”

Grants Pass Growers Market  —

MÄS (Ashland)
MÄS (Ashland)

Destination Dining

With so much bounty in Southern Oregon there are many restaurants that capture the harvests and turn them into great meals.

MÄS (Ashland)  — — ‘‘Pop up’ as much experience as a meal.”

New Sammys Cowboy Bistro (Talent)

Coquina (Ashland) — “Top white tablecloth restaurant.”

MÄS (Ashland)
MÄS (Ashland)

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