Inside the Farmer’s Market at SOCO

Sustainable. Fresh. Local.

SOCO | The OC Mix
3303-3323 Hyland Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


ne of the many staples of Southern California is the availability of locally sourced options to choose from when shopping for sustainable sustenance. Farmer’s Markets, a well-loved and familiar pop-up concept, provides the opportunity to try and buy some of your favorites, from those closest in proximity to you. At the Farmer’s Market at SOCO in Costa Mesa, guests get to experience some of the best from within the community, and what we like to consider one of our favorite weekend breakfast scenarios. Not long after dawn, vendors set up to provide you options for your Saturday, and to plan for the week ahead. Whether you’re there for essentials or treats, the small but open environment is a welcoming place to spend a portion of your weekend. From fruits and vegetables to fresh baked pastries and meats, there are choices for everyone to enjoy. A local band playing a set of classic songs welcomes you over to a selection of hand-picked produce. Cartons of fresh berries stand out against grocery store competition in both flavor and price. With a certainty of quality, they sit ready for you to taste and find out for yourself just how well they match up. If there was ever a perfect opportunity to delve deeper into the world of produce less familiar, here is the place to do it. You can try them fresh for breakfast and then decide which to take home and incorporate into your meal plan for the rest of the week. Not sure where to start? Create a dialogue with the vendors and go from there! In a perfect Farmer’s Market setting, you’re on a first-name basis and can even call ahead and have them place items on hold for you.

In the center of the once-a-week set up sits a collection of succulents, available for purchase, ready to contribute to the ambiance of your kitchen’s window sill. To its right, a plethora of booths o er insight into different culture’s delicacies. Pupusas and Empanadas o er a taste of Latin America, while the vendor of Greek food enthusiastically spoons out samples for you to try. From fruit-infused yogurts to Baba Ganoush to the richest Tzatziki south of Los Angeles, the handouts were unending, the vendor eager to let you experience the art of his creations.

If you are coming by for a delicious start to your day, an almond croissant made fresh can be exactly that or a handful of small batch granola rich with pumpkin seeds and earthy flavor. For those keen on preserved goods, locally made jams and jellies with unique flavors including peach mango can find a new home in your cabinet. Perfect to top any of your picks is the honey stand, full of organic varieties that will add a hint of sweetness to your mornings. Our current obsession: honeycomb. You’ll need this nugget on all of our cheese and charcuterie boards.

Your pursuit of breakfast doesn’t have to be conventional, and the presence of a food truck on-site is the perfect reason to go o the beaten track. It’s not every day we eat empanadas for breakfast, but when we do, you’ll usually find us at a Farmer’s Market juggling our reusable bags with our next bite.

A must-add to your weekend to-do list and a perfect trip for the entire family, the Farmer’s Market at SOCO is indeed an Orange County prize, a comfort you’ll be sure to return to once experienced.

Farmer’s Market Hours: Every Saturday 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

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