Hurry Up To Curry Up Now

The Irvine Spectrum Center welcomes your new go-to Indian destination.

There is an emerging theme in the restaurant world. Fast-casual eateries are fastly becoming the go-to option for many. They have established themselves as a fantastic medium between the fast-food behemoths littering the sides of the road, and the classic restaurant environment we all know and love. Like a glittering oasis, they allow diners to find great food at great prices and comfortable environments to eat and leave at their own pace. Now, a select few of these fast-casual brands are elevating themselves above the noise by offering an elevated quality of food and environment. The recently opened Curry Up Now at the Irvine Spectrum Center is just such a place, and you should hurry there as soon as you can to see why for yourself.

Just a few weeks removed from their debut to the public, Curry Up Now has been an instant hit, and it’s not hard to see why. The bay area-born upscale fast-casual is known for its classic Indian flavors presented in exciting and provocative formats. Like many of the best fast-casual concepts, Curry Up Now operates with a mixture of food trucks, bars, and restaurants, all with the same inspiration coursing through their DNA.

 These Indian-rooted and globally-inspired dishes are the brainchild of Curry Up Now founders and husband and wife duo, Akash and Rana Kapoor. Inspired by Roy Choi’s Kogi BBQ food truck from Los Angeles, the Kapoors wanted to start their own concept to showcase the flavors and ingredients of their homeland, India, but present them in a way that was innovative, yet approachable for the American eater.

The iconic Tikka Masala Burrito

The food is fantastic, with a mix of inspired concepts like the outrageously delicious Tikka Masala Burrito (pictured above), and classic Indian dishes and street fair alike. The space is as vibrant as the flavors in each bite and invokes a smile you simply cannot fight. Embued with this influx of grand
Indian flavors and joyful surroundings, the entire meal is exactly what a fast-casual dining experience should be.

There is no lack of healthy dining choices as well as Indian cuisine is one of the better on the planet as far as vegetarian and even vegan options go. The varied menu sections also allow for fast bites of street food for one or dining for multiple friends with menu items like the wonderous Thali Platters. No matter if you are escaping from your cubicle for a relaxing and delicious lunch, grabbing a bite with friends before a movie, or planning your next big TikTok, spend the time doing so at Curry Up Now, just hurry, because it will absolutely be busy. This, we guarantee.

Curry Up Now
922 Spectrum
Irvine, CA

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