Wine 101: A Guide to 21st Century Wine Drinking

Purely Based Off One Wine Drinker’s Habits

wine drinking


ine can be scary. It shouldn’t be: it’s just a drink after all. Do you know anyone who is afraid of Pepsi or orange juice? Of course not. So why is there all this reluctance when it comes to buying a bottle at the store? It’s because of all of these myths about what makes wine good. There is only one thing really to keep in mind at the end of the day: Does it taste good to you? That’s all. Drinking wine should be enjoyable and delicious and never stressful. That being said, there are some guidelines to follow that will help you find the best bottle for you.

It’s Okay to:

Buy cheap wine. With the rise in production of wines in the New World (yep, that’s us here in the US), wine costs have gone down, and lots of wineries are turning out fantastic wines at a lower price point. The price of a bottle of wine is determined by the winery, and even they will tell you that selecting the price is basically like throwing darts at a dartboard. It’s simply a guess based on what they think the wine is valued but if you find a $5 bottle of wine you like, then buy it. You are the one who has to drink it after all.

Buy wine that comes with a screw top. Cork actually comes from a tree that can only be harvested every nine years. Plus, corks are porous so depending on the varietal, they may not even be necessary. Plenty of fantastic wines come in screwtops. It’s okay, really.

Drink red wine cold. Now, I wouldn’t do this with just any red wines, but in the summer, chilling a lighter red (like a Pinot Noir) is perfectly acceptable and can be an enjoyable way to enjoy reds on a hot day. The wine police will leave you alone. Really.

Wine Taboos:

Ice in your wine. No. Never. I don’t care if it’s a thousand degrees outside. Putting ice in your wine tells others that you not only clearly know nothing about wine but don’t care about how it tastes either. I’d rather you just drink a wine cooler and sit in the wine corner of shame.

Mixing wines. Putting red wine and white wine together is NOT how you make Rosé. Unless your job title in winemaker or vintner, you have no business blending wines. They took care of that already at the winery and put what they think is their best product into the bottle. You wouldn’t go and add more paint to a Picasso, so don’t go adding Chardonnay to a Cab.

Buying wine cause the label is pretty. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the wine. If they have a nice label, that’s all fine and dandy, but you can’t drink it so buy something you think will taste good.

Publisher’s note: This is one writer’s opinion. You’re welcome to agree or disagree. We’re sure some sommeliers would have a field day with this POV.

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