How To Get Your Favorite Foods Delivered To Your Door

Ding, Dong, Delivered

Fast food doesn’t have to mean unhealthy food. With so many food delivery services and apps out on the market today you’re in control more than ever. And if you’re like most working adults, sometimes it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. That’s where the following delivery services come in handy. With just a few simple clicks and swipes, you can have almost anything you want to eat delivered straight to you, without the inconvenience of leaving your workplace or home. This is food service made simple.


What some of you may not know about GrubHub is that it was established back in 2004, nearly five years after the founding of Seamless in 1999. The two companies then merged in 2013 and created a platform allowing diners and corporate businesses access to more than 45,000 local takeout restaurants. GrubHub’s super convenient mobile app allows you to quickly locate restaurants around you, providing countless options to choose from for breakfast, lunch or dinner. First time GrubHub users get $7 off their first order, so why not give it a try?


Like most food delivery services, DoorDash provides its patrons with local restaurants and prompt delivery. Unlike other services, DoorDash created DoorDash Delight, an industry first rating system from 0-10 which ranks “delivery quality, restaurant popularity, and customer feedback to give an accurate estimate of how much you’ll be delighted.” (DoorDash) Another nice feature about DoorDash is that they don’t just focus on ASAP deliveries. If you or your company is interested in making a future catering order you can do so up to four days in advance. Looks like it’s time to let management know you’ve got catering covered for the next big office meeting.

Restaurants on the Run

Foodies, gather round, I have news. A pretty excellent option offered with ROTR is their group ordering system. It not only allows the patron to choose their favorite local restaurant, delivery time, location and budget, but most importantly, it lets you set a budget and multi-pay option in advance. Once you’ve determined a budget you can send out an invite to co-workers, ensuring everyone gets their own order preferences recognized. Perfect for the the picky eaters! Think of all the time you’ll save instead of bouncing around from office to office writing down each specific order. ROTR strongly suggests planning ahead with deliveries and securing lunch delivery reservations at least 24 hours in advance. For delivery hours and service charges click here.


The best way to describe Postmates is that they are the Uber of food delivery services. There are plenty of delicious OC locations to choose from. And one of my favorite things about the setup of Postmates app is that as you’re scrolling through locations to choose from, you’ll notice an approximate time of how long it will take to have something ordered from that location to be delivered. Postmates is a free app, but they do offer a Plus Unlimited option which grants you no service fees on any orders, no surge in delivery prices and free delivery on all Plus orders over $25 for only $9.99/month.


If you’re familiar with the popular review site, Yelp, than you’ve probably heard of Eat24. This easy to use app connects you with local restaurants that are eager to bring fresh food directly to you. The Eat24 app features Yelp reviews, helping narrow down your choices to only the best of the best, and a PayPal option, for quick and easy payment. Another excellent feature of Eat24 is their live chat, email and phone support, there for you 24 hours a day – every day. Now that’s customer service.


The catch with RushOrder is that it is currently only based in Los Angeles. However, I had to include them because they offer something that is truly unique to them alone. Unlike most other food delivery services, RushOrder can also save you time on dining. You read correctly, depending on the restaurant you can order ahead of time and make sure that your food is ready and waiting when you get there. You can also use the mobile app to request your check and pay your bill directly from your phone! How amazing is that? Talk about a timesaver. So, next time you find yourself in the LA area make sure to have RushOrder ready to go.


Just when we thought we had Uber all figured out, it surprises us with the addition of UberEATS. And that makes me über happy. Local food, delivered fast. UberEATS currently serves most of the Orange County area. What I love most about this delivery service is that it’s available 24/7. Pricing does vary depending on location, time ordered, and may differ from the pricing seen on restaurant menus. This price difference takes into consideration delivery and operational costs. To read more about UberEATS fees, click here.

Now that you’re aware of all the options made available to you, the most you’ll have to worry about is choosing exactly what it is you want to eat. The possibilities are limitless!

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