8 of the Hottest Current Food Trends in 2017

This year has been full of Instagram-worthy food trends. From gold donuts to rolled ice cream, how do we know what looks pretty and what actually tastes good? Here are eight food trends that have sparked our attention.

Rosé All Day

You can’t go anywhere in 2017 without seeing rosé on some type of merch or menu — and we aren’t mad about it! We can enjoy this crisp, pink wine anytime. Whether paired with brunch, a light lunch salad, or a piece of fish for dinner, Rosé is the perfect lightweight wine choice. It’s popping up all over drink menus and in different varieties. Have you had a chance to try Frosé, yet? If not, you need to get your paws on this refreshing frozen version of the classic pink drink.

Edible Cookie Dough

How many times did you sneak a fingerful of cookie dough from your mom’s batch with warnings of salmonella poisoning? We’ve been wishing that there was a way for us to eat as much cookie dough as possible without the chance of winding up in the hospital. Good news! If you’ve been perusing recipes for sweet treats lately, you’ve probably come across one for edible cookie dough. Many companies and brands have also jumped on this delectable bandwagon, and we’re saying it’s about time! The Cookie Dough Café has started to appear on more supermarket shelves, and they’ve even partnered with Oreo to make all of our cookies and cream meets cookie dough dreams come true. If you want to try out creating your own, Love from the Oven has a fantastic recipe that uses ingredients you most likely already have in your kitchen.


This black and scary stuff has been appearing more and more in food lately. Charcoal lemonade and charcoal lattes seem to be gracing our Instagram feed more often than not, and we can’t help but be intrigued. Although the jury is still out if putting activated charcoal in your recipes is actually beneficial, it sure is cool to look at!


It’s hard to not see this dazzling green ingredient lately. It has made its way into donuts, cookies, chocolate, lattes, lemonade, apparel and even lip balm. Matcha green tea is definitely buzzing in popularity at the moment. Powerful in its abundance of antioxidants and other incredible benefits, we are thrilled that matcha is having a major moment. Try out Mr. Matcha in Garden Grove to treat yourself to some incredible matcha soft serve served in a black cone; a one of a kind treat!


From being hugged in bacon to being swirled in ice cream, these little sweet treats are gaining more popularity lately. We’ve been noticing this version of nature’s candy blended into smoothies, used as a sugar substitute in vegan baking, paired with figs, tossed in salads, and used to make tasty protein bars. Here are 13 yummy date recipes to test out ASAP!

“Unicorn” Themed Everything

Unless you’ve been sleeping through most of 2017, unicorn themed foods have been everywhere! Starbucks had their moment with the Unicorn Frappuccino, and now the majestic rainbow coloring is taking over other food genres, such as bagels, bark and lattes. How can we resist such mesmerizing colors? Our recent favorite from the unicorn trend is these “Unicorn Poop” cupcakes that are baked in ice cream cones. They are perfect for parties of all ages, and you can even dip the cone in colored chocolate and edible glitter to make them, even more, unicorn-inspired!


A Tex-Mex classic, queso isn’t something Californians are used to seeing, but this hot cheese sauce is having a moment. Newly introduced to Chipotle’s menu, queso is starting to be on the brain for major chain restaurants. Following in their cheesy footsteps, Wendy’s also debuted a queso-laced burger. Queso, usually an overlooked appetizer served with tortilla chips, BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse has kicked it up a notch with their Sriracha queso and Piranha Pale Ale chili, topped with jack and cheddar cheese and green onions. Something tells us queso will be making its way onto more menus in the coming months. Try this five-ingredient recipe from The Baking Fairy to make your own queso at home (easy and a lot healthier).


Can we drive anywhere nowadays without seeing a new poke place on every corner? It doesn’t seem like it! This raw fish salad craze has been catching on like wildfire. Its high volume of popularity is also reflected in appetizers on many menus, with chefs trying to incorporate the raw fish into different techniques. Huntington Beach’s Red Table serves their poke taco style, topped with watermelon radishes. Give them a try!

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