Su Gologone: Italian Getaway Made For Families

Fun, Relaxation and Adventure Awaits the Whole Family in the Cultural Hub of Sardinia, Italy



s Summer approaches, a new opportunity has risen in the world of vacationing. Filled with culture, tradition, and excitement, the Su Gologone hotel in the Oliena area of Sardinia, Italy offers tranquility and a memorable getaway for the whole family.

Hotel Su Gologone has designed a half term break vacation that will allow family members to unwind from city life and immerse themselves in the beautiful culture Sardinia has to offer.

Children and parents will be able to choose from a variety of cultural activities, which range from creative workshops, culinary experiences, and excursions that give a true taste of Sardinia’s environment.

Art is a main aspect of the hotel, as 20 different art exhibitions are spread throughout its common areas and bedrooms. If you’re interested in tapping into your inner Michelangelo or just want to release some creative expression, the hotel offers creative courses for children and adults. The beautiful vast greenery surrounding Su Gologone is more than enough inspiration to create a masterpiece. If painting is not your forte, ceramic decorating and embroidery workshops are available as well.

What’s a cultural experience without food? Su Gologone ensures traditional Sardinian dishes, which include an abundance of hand-made pasta with special herbs. The recipe is a secret, but guests have a rare chance at snagging the recipe with a cooking class led by local women who will teach the secrets of making the perfect Sardinian pasta. A meal with a view sets the perfect vibe, and the beautiful hotel courtyard provides ample space for this cooking workshop.

For a more hands-on experience, an excursion to a local farm is also a part of this special program. Visitors meet a farmer, the farm animals, and get the chance to make their own cheese. All of the workshops mentioned are free for children up to age six, and start at €50.00 per parent.

Incredible food and getting in touch with art— what more could one add to this dream vacation? Guests can be one with nature and enjoy outdoor adventures in the untainted landscape of Oliena. Canoeing, trekking, and cave exploring are all part of the experience. Children can have some extra fun by taking part in an archeological treasure hunt at the hotel, followed by a visit to the art museum located in the city of Nuoro. Fun and educational, it is not often a family getaway includes both.

This whole experience and other special offers are only valid from April 23 to May 31, and exclude blackout dates and Bank Holiday weekends. Get a taste of Sardinian culture with rates starting at €127 per night. Book your experience today at

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