Höhmage: The Luxury That Will Last A Lifetime

Getting Geared Up for the Kitchen With Höhmage


ho doesn’t have a Chef friend that you NEVER know what to get them on special occasions? Imagine gifting someone a sophisticated, oiled leather knife roll that unrolls to reveal eight singular knife pockets. Or, a stylish, liquid and smudge proof apron with subtle gold hardware? We’ve found the perfect gifts from Höhmage to show Chef just how much you appreciate them. Höhmage is a company that creates leather goods designed with sophisticated details, made of exceptional hides. Each item is homemade by master artisans, who are committed to the heritage of expert craftsmanship. The company wants to give you that special honor and respect shown publicly and provide a lifetime of use and gratification. Höhmage wants you to feel that pride when you walk into the kitchen with your new knife roll you are carrying, or the new apron you are wearing. All eyes will be on you!


“The DNA of Höhmage is simple; handcrafted, thoughtful designs achieving effortless luxury that lasts a lifetime.”

The HÖHMAGE Knife Roll

If you want to spoil a Chef, this knife roll is the way to do it! It is the perfect gift for yourself or your friend! It not only has eight canvas knife holders, but it also has two zippered side pockets. Looking at the exterior, you can see the beautifully waxed leather with its sleek design. Imagine walking into the kitchen carrying the Höhmage Knife Roll, don’t you feel a sense of satisfaction?

“I’m in love with Höhmage knife roll. The price point is considerably low considering the high quality. The knife roll rocks…” 

 The 44 Magnum

Always getting your apron dirty or wet? Are you looking for an apron that is not only stylish but also durable and practical? You might have found the one! The handmade 44 Magnum may be the perfect apron for you. It is water-repellent, fade-resistant and stain resistant. To make it fashionable, it has subtle gold hardware along with a rich chocolate brown leather strap.


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