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une is upon us, and that means weddings, graduations and of course Father’s Day. The time is here to celebrate the men who raised you, the children you raised, and the happy couples about to walk down the aisle. Whether Dad is a seasoned cook, the graduate is going to live on his or her own, or the newlyweds are moving into their first shared home, a set of this hybrid cookware is the perfect fit for nearly all households. HexClad has come out with the ideal present for all of the special people in your life. This new line of revolutionary cookware is sure to please most everyone on your summer gift-giving list.


The patented HexClad line is meant for cooks of every level. The non-stick surface helps novice kitchen cooks to prevent burning, where more experienced cooks can get a great stainless steel sear. The pans require an initial seasoning and then need little or no oil when cooking. The founders must have been keeping in mind ease of cooking, nutrition and summer bodies when developing this product line. The lack of oil needed is a huge benefit to our health, wallet, waistlines and a reduction in time spent doing dishes after preparing meals.

Unlike many other pans, the exterior of HexClad cleans up just as easily as the interior, as the outside of the pans are made from the same high-quality material as the inside of the pans. The line of cookware is also “PFOA free” so consumers can feel safe that the chemical Perfluorooctanoic acid was not used in the manufacturing process of the non- stick coating. The tri-ply construction of stainless steel and aluminum is scratch resistant and dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The colors are neutral, and the pans are sturdy with flat bases that sit evenly on electric and gas stoves, as well as oven racks.

Three frying pans are available in sizes ranging from 8 to 12 inches. Each frying pan has a fitted clear lid available to complete the set. Also available is a wok that can be used to stir-fry or even pan fry if cooking for an extra large group. All pieces can be purchased individually or as a complete set for added savings.

At Sauté, we love to sauté. But we also love to use the oven. This sturdy line of cookware can be put in the oven with temperatures reaching 500 degrees. Use caution when taking this or any hot items out of the oven, but relish in knowing the cleanup will be minuscule. Gone are the days of soaking and scrubbing. Welcome the days of whisking and wok cooking.

The non-stick feature makes stir-frying, searing and stewing a breeze. After a quick season before your initial use, simply preheat your wok, add a little oil or butter (Want to make your own butter? Learn how to right here: Churncraft: Your Turn to Churn a Better Butter at Home), stir in your vegetables, protein, season and serve.

Another added bonus of HexClad, metal utensils are safe to use! Put down your warped wooden spoon and melted spatula, pick up your favorite gadget and wok away. Looking for fun kitchen gadgets to add to your collection, find them here. No time to sous vide your eggs, (See what sous vide cooking is all about here: What is Sous Vide )? Use the frying pan to have perfect scrambled eggs, fried eggs or omelets in minutes with just a little oil and quick clean up. The majority of the interior of the pans are textured and allow for food to cook evenly and quickly. Once finished, food slips out of the pans with virtually no residue or pieces left behind.

One pan cooking has never been easier as the pans are both oven and stove safe. Dishes that require browning or broiling can go directly from stovetop to oven. Broiled steaks, sautéed vegetable dishes, and homemade pasta dishes that need a little crunch on top can be finished in the oven in minutes, or simply keep your pan fried dishes warming in the oven as you prepare the rest of your meal. Options are endless and the purchase of the HexClad, with its high-quality materials and ergonomic design, has a lifetime warranty making this and every gift giving season stress-free.

To order your gifts, visit HexClad at or call 877.838.3868. The customer service representatives are available and ready to answer any questions and to help you place your order. Take a look around to see who in your life would love to own this cookware, and pick up a set for yourself too.

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