Frozen Treats That Won’t Break The Calorie Bank

Delicious Alternatives That Will Keep You Satisfied


f you’re someone with a sweet tooth, you know how hard it can be to resist the temptation. While we definitely love ice cream, we also know that eating it every day can have its downfalls. Luckily, technology has advanced and there are more than enough alternatives for satisfying those cravings. Healthy eating and indulging dessert can now co-exist. We’re sharing some of our favorite frozen treats that will keep you in line with your goals.

revele whipped gelato

Eat your heart out with Revelé whipped gelato. With dessert options like this, tis the season to satisfy your sweet tooth, perhaps even twice over. Naturally lower in calories, but full of flavor, Revelé is NEVER made with artificial flavors or sweeteners. In fact, they are the only super premium gelato that doesn’t use any sugar substitutes! Choose between six mouthwatering flavors such as Seasonal Strawberries, Belgian Chocolate, Cake Batter and more. To check out their full list of flavors and where to purchase, visit their website.

Enlightened Ice Cream Pints

At Enlightened, they believe there’s no reason to sacrifice taste for nutrition and have succeeded in creating delicious pints that you can pick up at your local market. With flavors like peanut butter chocolate chip, birthday cake and hot chocolate, you definitely won’t be missing your Ben & Jerry’s. Did we mention that each pint of ice cream is chock-full of fiber and protein?

Halo Top Pints

Like Enlightened, Halo Top has created low-calorie, ice cream that has become a favorite among fitness enthusiasts and healthy eaters alike. With flavors like red velvet and lemon cake, Halo Top is an easy way to ditch your every night ice cream habit. You can eat the entire pint for under 400 calories!

Yasso Greek Frozen Yogurt Bars

If you’re someone who prefers popsicles or ice cream on a stick over pints, then these will surely become your favorite late night snack. Boasting only 100 calories and made from Greek yogurt, you’ll be addicted to how good they taste. Stock up on these bad boys at Target and other grocery stores.


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