Drinking Water: The Next Best Thing to the Fountain of Youth?


Surprising Facts About Your Drinking Water

The human body is a fascinating thing to study. It’s both incredibly complex and surprisingly simple. See, all of our bodies are made up of up to 60% water and that water is extremely vital to our overall health and livelihood. Keeping your body hydrated can help increase metabolism, decrease the frequency of headaches by improving mood and concentration, and help prevent a significant number of health related issues. So, it’s no wonder that doctors and scientists alike recommend drinking eight glasses of water a day (Often referred to as the 8×8 rule). However, it’s important to remember that the amount of fluids each person needs per day is widely influenced by his or her personal lifestyle. If you’re looking to get a more personalized answer, it’s best to speak with your healthcare provider. Nevertheless, water is an essential ingredient to our lives, and many companies have recognized that. With so many water choices now on the market, why settle for ordinary?

Let’s get fancy. With fancy water, that is.

Happy Tree Maple Water

So, what is maple water? It is the delicious water that is tapped from maple trees in early spring. I know what you’re probably thinking, doesn’t that damage the trees? Not at all! In fact, Happy Tree ensures that they tap their trees in an entirely sustainable way. This delicious beverage is loaded with health benefits, largely in part to the sap. As the sap flows from the roots of the maple trees, throughout the trunk, it picks up sugar and minerals. These minerals include calcium, potassium, manganese, and magnesium. Maple water also contains half the calories and sugar of coconut water! Definitely a healthier alternative for those looking to decrease their sugar intake, while still opting for a touch of sweetness in their water.

Fun Fact: While maple water may be a relatively new alternative water choice in the U.S., it’s been a staple for centuries in South Korea. To read more about gorosoe, or maple tree sap, click here.

Cactus Water

Contrary to popular belief cactus water does not come from cacti. It actually comes from the fruit of the prickly pear cactus, not the cactus itself. The water is loaded with antioxidants and has a refreshing berry taste (think watermelon mixed with kiwi), making it much sweeter to sip your way to success! The betalains also help act as an anti-inflammatory and help keep the skin looking young and youthful. Think of this magical beverage as your personal fountain of youth. Much like maple water, cactus water also contains fewer calories and sugar than coconut water. However, consuming this tasty water can be a bit pricey, about $30/per case of 20. Although, I like to keep in mind that you get what you pay for, so spending the extra money may very well be worth it.

Fun Fact: Possibly one of the most substantial benefits of drinking cactus water, is its ability to minimize hangovers. You read that right, say goodbye to next-day nausea and dry mouth. Purchase your hangover savior here.

My Säpp-y Love Story with Organic Birch Tree Water 

A drink unlike any other. A drink so pure and natural, you’ll wonder how you’ve gone your whole life having not tried it. The water is filtered naturally through birch trees, and because of this, it is rich in minerals. One bottle of birch water contains five times the amount of manganese found in a cup of kale! Perhaps it’s time to ditch the green stuff and opt for a thirst-quenching alternative. Each bottle contains only ten calories and has 80 percent less sugar than the ever-popular coconut water. At Säpp, they practice safe sourcing to allow the birch trees time to rest between harvesting seasons. They also avoid using the same trees in back to back seasons, this way they can continue to grow and thrive. Birch water is considered a detox drink in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe due to its minerals, antioxidants, and low sugar content. So, the next time you’re looking to give your body a refreshing recharge, try a game-changing bottle of birch water and enjoy its sweet and woody flavor. You will not be disappointed, give your body the proper hydration it deserves.

Fun Fact: Can help lower cholesterol, support weight loss and liver health, promote clearer and brighter skin, accelerate wound healing, reduce cavities and assist in joint pain relief.

1907: The Water Carbon Dated at 50,000 Years Old

One of New Zealand’s best-kept secrets lies in a confined aquifer, rising from 680 feet below the surface of the Earth. This isn’t the imagined work of a scriptwriter looking to find the next great hook for a story to thrill audiences, this actually exists. And, better yet, it’s something you can buy in the U.S.! Due to the natural alkalinity, 1907 water helps balance your body. It reduces the negative effects our bodies are put under due to stress, lack of sleep and poor diet. For a more in-depth look at the benefits of alkaline water, check out this article published by Healthline.

Fun Fact: The taste of alkaline water is unique and boasts a soft and silky taste against the palate.

blk. For the adventure seekers. 

I know change is scary… especially when you grow up in a society where drinking crystal clear water is the norm. But, don’t let the color of this black alkaline mineral water scare you off! Blk is infused with fulvic trace minerals, filled with natural electrolytes, amino acids, and has a pH balance of 8.0+. Fulvic minerals are naturally black, giving the water its dark color. It’s very simple, only made up of two ingredients, Canadian spring water, and fulvic minerals. Unlike some of the previous waters mentioned, blk contains no carbs, calories, sugars or caffeine. If you can get past the color, blk may be the best option out there.

Fun Fact: The ironic part of blk alkaline mineral water is that it comes packaged in a plastic bottle. Therefore, it is not BPA free.

Coconut Water – Is it Worth the Hype?

This sweet and nutty tasting water is harvested from young coconuts. One of the best traits of coconut water is that it is packed with potassium! It has natural sugars and electrolytes which can help increase energy. And it has fewer calories and less sodium than most sports drinks! But, it’s important that you don’t consume too much of this water. The sugar and calories do add up, and some companies add sugar and juice which decreases the health value, so make sure you double check the ingredients label before purchasing.

Each of these waters has their individual health benefits. So whether you’re looking to increase your daily water consumption, or you want to try a water packed with extra added health benefits, try one of the above and see how it affects your overall mood and energy level. The best thing you can do for your body is to stay hydrated, whether that’s consuming natural spring water or otherwise. Always read the ingredient labels and make sure that there isn’t extra sugars or additional additives included in your beverages that will do more harm than good. And if you’ve never been a huge fan of water, try taking baby steps towards improving your health, by switching out one carbonated beverage a day for a nice cold glass of that wonderful H2O. Cheers to hydration, and a happy, healthy life!

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