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ea connoisseurs know just what type of tea goes best with milk and sugar, and which ones you better take with honey instead. They can tell you that Japan only produces Green teas, while Ceylon and India produce mainly black teas. Those who love tea will know how long to steep the leaves, whether the leaves are better in a bag or silken sachets, and what time of day to drink each tea.


Tea connoisseurs will also know that perhaps the most significant consumer of teas in the world is England. While tourists will commonly believe all Brits to take part in the tradition of afternoon tea, with the cakes, scones and minute sandwiches, that is far from the truth. To the Brits, tea is not something to be enjoyed once in a while, accompanied by fancy pastries, it is a part of life — something they cannot live without.

Harney & Sons Master Tea Blenders take this view of tea to heart, as they boast over 300 flavors of the highest quality tea. The founder, John Harney, started the business in the basement of his house in Connecticut, never believing that the family-owned company would soon be moved to New York to occupy a 9,000 square foot headquarters. With many members of the family now looking after John’s prized business, they remain rooted in tradition.

This once small tea business would have never believed that The Historic Royal Palaces of England would invite Harney & Sons to create a collection of English Tea blends to be consumed at the palaces. To pay homage to the country that inspired their love of tea, and to maintain their long-standing relationship with England, Harney & Sons hosted a trip to London.

Guests on this exclusive tour had an itinerary packed with sightseeing and resting for tea at some of the most iconic places in London. Harney & Sons’ London tea-tour shows their customers that they are not only dedicated to delivering quality tea products but also to educate the world of their passion for tea history and taste.

While the 2017 London tea tour has passed, take a look at the jam-packed itinerary and get yourself excited for the next trip! In the meantime, taste test some of Harney & Sons luxury teas, with the most popular being chamomile, earl grey, hot cinnamon spice, organic peppermint and pomegranate oolong.

One of our personal favorites is Snow Bud, a rare and delicate Chinese green tea with light vegetal notes and a slightly sweet fragrance; it is the perfect, peaceful cup of tea. Or for something fruitier, we suggest White Vanilla Grapefruit, with the citrus notes and vanilla aroma creating a soft and light cup.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote in Letters and Social Aims, that “some people will tell you there is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea,” and Harney & Sons would agree that tea is not just tea- it is a pleasure and enjoyment of life.


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