Hands Down, The Best Hand Roll Spots

If you like sushi then you are going to love traditional Japanese hand rolls, the new food experience that is far beyond sushi. Temaki Sushi, also known as hand roll, takes on the shape of a beautiful cone made out of seaweed and is filled with sushi rice and various fillings that typically include fish and vegetables. If you’re the type that prefers your sushi in larger quantities and doesn’t share well with others, then this is the perfect hand held meal for you. Who doesn’t enjoy food that involves getting your hands a little dirty? Celebrate National Seafood Month in style with this list of some of the best hand roll spots.


Fresh seafood, crispy seaweed and warm rice —the three ingredients that come together to create the perfect hand roll. And we have owners Leonard Chan and Phillip Kwan to thank for that. KANPAI! Take a seat at the bar and get to know your neighbors while you stare in awe at the amazingly skilled and talented hand rollers make your meal, right in front of you. Once served, consume immediately and ask questions later. So what sets them apart from the pack, you ask? Quality. They only offer the finest ingredients alongside a unique selection of beer, sake and sochu.


At this spot you get to experience some tasty sushi in the palm of your hand. Temaki is the Japanese word for ‘hand roll’, and this place delivers just that. This hand roll shop gives a nod to the tradition and ingenuity of Japan, and adds a Brazilian twist while embracing the classic flavors that are oh, so popular in America. Expect nothing less than unique and original flavors and concoctions at Tamakira. Choose from a selection of original recipes, classic favorites or customize your own!

Sushi World

We gotta hand it to Sushi World, this place is the raw deal when it comes to delicious hand rolls. Check them out online before you visit because they have a sushi blog loaded with puns and jokes that tell you what specials they are offering, including drinking games. Located in Cypress, Sushi World’s chefs are highly skilled and trained to offer the best experience possible. Their sushi chefs can make hand rolls out of any of the fresh sushi that’s available on the menu. Their Smoked Albacore hand roll and Baked Blue Crab hand roll are the two most popular, probably because they are completely made in-house and taste absolutely delicious.



This place understands how special the experience is of eating hand rolls, so much in fact, that they created KazuNori — The Original Hand Roll Bar. ℠ If specialty harvested seaweed and house-made sauces are your thing, then Kazunori will deliver, while at the same time redefine what you think about sushi.

Sushi on Fire

With over thirty different hand roll options on the menu, Sushi on Fire earns it’s keep on this list (among other reasons). Since its inception in 2005, Sushi on Fire has been a neighborhood favorite in its residing cities of Huntington Beach and Long Beach. It’s the kind of place that you let become a part of your weekly routine, and you never have to worry about running out of menu items to try. The more you get to know your sushi chef the more creative their off-menu adventures become.

Ra Sushi

Ra Sushi provides inventive sushi and Japanese-inspired cuisine for the novice all the way to the connoisseur. If you haven’t had sushi before, then is a good place to get your feet wet, and hand rolls are a fun and simple approach to this cuisine. Choose between Spicy Tuna, Chili Ponzu Yellowtail, Shrimp Tempura or Spicy Salmon hand rolls. Pair with a delicious, inventive cocktail in a subtly sexy environment and you have the perfect date night.


The restaurant’s name offers a long history that spans across five continents and includes numerous awards, including several Michelin Star accolades and recognition from The James Beard Foundation as the Best New Restaurant. With 32 restaurants in 28 different cities around the world, it’s safe to say that this is a place worth checking out for your next hand roll experience.

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