An Ode to Dessert at Granville West Hollywood

Who doesn’t love chocolate cake?

Granville West Hollywood
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Answer: no one with functioning taste buds. The classic comfort food is a must try for anyone who visits Granville’s West Hollywood location, the fourth and latest to open alongside Studio City, Burbank and Glendale. A collection of modern-casual restaurants with stunning interiors and specializes in hand-crafted recipes and libations, Granville is becoming a laid-back staple within the Los Angeles culinary scene. Focused on great food without the expected air of pretension, Granville boasts its use of only the freshest and highest quality ingredients around.

The vastness of the menu cannot be summed up in a day’s time, and while the offerings are impressive and expansive, the real star of the entire experience might have to be the properly named Devil’s Advocate Flourless Chocolate Cake that met me at the end of the meal. A homage to the “order at least 30 minutes in advance” chocolate soufflé featured by fine restaurants, but without the excessive wait time, the dish may actually be the detail that calls me back. Sweet-toothed patrons will agree. Like the memory of an exceptional encounter, this gluten-free decadence has already begun haunting my thoughts. It’s likely I’ll have to revisit that moment sooner than later. And, after all, what is a good meal without a supreme dessert at its finale to wrap it up sweetly with a bow?

So perhaps, my take on Granville sums up as an ode to their chocolate cake. Holistically, Granville’s menu isn’t avant-garde. Granville doesn’t take risks with its options as most Los Angeles restaurants seem to do. Nevertheless, Granville is cognizant, aware of its purpose; they’re here to offer something for everyone. Nothing on the menu exactly screams gamble, but sometimes reliability is a noted strength in a restaurant’s success.

Founder Jonathan Weiss had clear intentions about what he wanted; to be able to offer gourmet and quality food that is both approachable and accessible, as well as affordable. With this, Granville succeeds. Executive Chef Glenda Galvan-Garcia has gifted a menu that is seemingly never-ending, with highlights that border a similar commitment. If anything is certain about what Granville has to offer, it’s the versatility of what’s been curated.

Granville checks all of the boxes for the ideal of what it really means to live (and dine) like a true Southern Californian. Sure to impress locals as well as their visiting out-of-town counterparts, Granville is self-aware and comfortable, a restaurant that knows exactly what it wants to be, a somewhat rarity when it comes to dining in Los Angeles. As for the chocolate cake? I would say it’s a must-have nightcap, a perfect way to top off a couple of drinks at happy hour. Or just an excuse for a dessert outing.

Granville West Hollywood | 8701 Beverly Blvd, West Hollywood |

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