Order a Smokey Cocktail The Next Time You Go Out

smoke cocktails


irst impressions are important. A physical appeal with food and beverages could be the easiest way to have a customer turn their head in awe, or pull them into to your shop. When it comes to cocktails, the presentation has been vital in the bar business. Bartenders get the opportunity to put on a show with customers in the front row seats. They get to impress the thirsty customer before they get a taste of the craft. They spark up a flame to appeal to the other four senses: smell, touch, sight, and sound. Sit back, and watch the smoke fade away for the new star of the bar menu: smoke cocktails.


The Recess Room, @eatwithxjenn3.

You need the proper gadgets for a crafty cocktail like this one. Smoke guns might sound dangerous, but they are essential for an artsy bartender. They first add smoke to the snifter with wood chips and then add a cap on top. They remove the lid after they set it down and pour the drink into a glass as it twists and spirals around in smoke. The smoke is meant to create an aromatic path into your nostrils to inhale the ingredients before you get a taste. A modern cocktail, but much like classic wine! Try experimenting with a smoke gun the next time you are planning on serving drinks at your home.


The Blind Rabbit. Photography by: Sarah King Photography

Apparent ingredients would include chili peppers and smoked jalapenos. You can also try burning herbs you would typically garnish on your cocktail to give it the same effect. Burnt rosemary on a citrusy gin cocktail would offer balance to the tartness of your drink! You can also burn fruit for the infused smokey taste and aromatic effect, but it won’t be as visually pleasing. If you pair it with other smoking techniques, it might create an aesthetically pleasing smokey trail. smoke cocktails


Mezcal already has that smokey taste to it, so that would make a great spirit to apply to your mix. Try infusing other ingredients not to have the burn overpower the craft. Peaty scotch would do the trick as well!


SOCIAL Costa Mesa

Favorite places in Orange County that practice the smoke cocktail technique include: The Recess RoomCasa, Social, Mix Mix, The Blind Rabbit, and Central Bar. You can try asking your bartender to smoke up the garnishes on your cocktail if you don’t see any on the menu. You might introduce them to a new technique or awe them with your knowledge on the importance of appealing to all senses with cocktails. smoke cocktails


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