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From Deli to Delicacy


nyone who knows me or has dined with me knows I will travel coast to coast in search of the perfect meal; that includes the best barbecue, the freshest sushi, and the towering pastrami sandwich. From Canter’s to Katz’s, I’ve tried a countless number of delis, each time wishing I could duplicate the thinly sliced, perfectly cooked meats at home. My indoor and outdoor kitchen is expansive, and until recently, I had nearly all the right gadgets on my wish list, except one, a professional electric food slicer. I have an incredible knife collection but wanted to complete the deli experience at home with a restaurant-style slicer. Thin slices of roast beef, turkey, cheese, corned beef, and pastrami were all on my dream menu, and after using Chef’s Choice premium slicer, they all made it to my kitchen table.

Chef’sChoice® has been in business for over three decades, with products available online and in stores in over 80 countries. Located in Avondale, PA, EdgeCraft Corporation manufactures the Chef’sChoice® brand of advanced technology small kitchen electrics, which include the world’s most extensive selection of electric and manual knife sharpeners, electric food slicers, waffle makers and hot beverage products. My focus was the electric slicer for the home chef, and there was a huge selection for me to choose from. Knowing all of the slicers available are commercial quality and offer a continuous run, meaning no need to shut down for a cool-down made choosing straightforward and risk-free. A priority for me was a continuous run, as sometimes we slice for two, and other times for twenty. I can slice for as long as it takes to get the job done with Chef’sChoice®, allowing me to have food on the table quicker, and each slice will be cut at the same angle, the same speed, providing consistency and uniformity.

The meat slicer I selected came with a serrated edge, perfect for roasts of any size, potatoes for chips, fruits for pies, cucumbers for pickles, fresh crusty bread and so much more. A fine edge blade is available for extra thin meats like prosciutto or very thinly sliced vegetables. The household slicers are equipped with the blade that is the best choice for that particular slicer; however, there are additional blade options should one want to expand slicing capabilities. A select number of the units have built-in sharpeners. Chef’sChoice® offers two optional professional quality blade sharpeners for the others.

My first home slicing attempt was a 30-pound brisket. Using the corned beef sous vide recipe from Chef Steps, I did a seven-day brine followed by a two-day ‘bath’  (read about Sous Vide cooking here). The most challenging part of the entire meal was the wait. Nine days is a long time, but worth it. Next up was pastrami. Again I brined the meat for seven days, then I smoked it at a low temperature for seven hours, and then cooked sous vide for 48 hours. After letting the meat rest, and then chilling it until lunchtime, we put our newest gadget to the test.

The slicer could not have been easier to use. It delivered everything as promised and my sandwich cravings were beyond satisfied. The meats looked, tasted, and had the same texture as if I was sitting at the counter at any famous New York style deli. Once my experiments with cured meats and sliced cheeses were done and surpassed my expectations; I moved on to prepare an upscale meal for a small dinner party. The main entree was a filet roast. I wanted thick, uniform slices and after a sous vide bath, and a quick sear in my favorite Hexclad pan (check out this line of superior pans), the slicer was the perfect tool to cut the roast into individual slices, each was the same width and temperature. Once seared and sliced, I topped the filets with a homemade compound herb butter (Learn to churn here), threw together a green salad using the gadgets from Urban Trend, and made side dishes using my favorite kitchen appliance, the Instant Pot.  If you don’t have a pressure cooker yet, join the masses and find out why you need one: Sauté Magazine: Not your grandmother’s pressure cooker.

Over the past few weeks, we had sliced bread, vegetables, cheeses, and most importantly, meats. We used every dial on the slicer from the paper-thin slice to the largest possible (approximately one inch thick), and I’m happy to report each piece of meat was cut smoothly, safely, and with ease. Rubber feet on the base keep the slicer from moving on the countertop, and the “Easy-Clean” design makes cleanup a breeze.  All you need is a cloth and mild soap or cleaner to clean. Minimal tools are required to remove or attach the blades or handles, another huge plus in my book. Safety gloves and blade lubricants are available to ensure safety and ease of use.

Chef’sChoice® offers a multitude of products designed for both the indoor and the outdoors, for both the home and the professional chef.  A huge selection of items are available in most leading department, specialty and cookware stores and all products are available online.  For a mail-order catalog or to locate a gourmet or commercial retailer near you, call 1.800.342.3255 or visit Chef’sChoice online at www.chefschoice.com.  Make sure to view our other Sauté magazine featured gadgets online at Sauté Magazine: Gadgets – The tools of the trade and my Gadget Gourmet Facebook or Instagram pages.

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