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here’s no doubt that every lover of poetry has their own specific taste when it comes to what they indulge in, just as every food fanatic does. So what happens when poetry meets food? LA writer and recipe developer Nicole Gulotta has compiled a delightful amalgamation of words that mesh with mouth-watering recipes to bring an innovative lens to both the culinary and poetic world.

With Eat This Poem originating as a website in 2012, Nicole has brought her love for poetry and food into print. Offering a free e-course for writers, along with access to an online writing community, Gulotta has succeeded in making poetry accessible.

The pairing of a poetry anthology of with a cookbook is certainly an inventive form, encouraging readers to explore the life within dishes. With over 75 new and original recipes accompanied by verse from 25 of America’s most beloved poets, there’s certainly something to fit everyone’s palate. If poetry exists in our daily life, then it must also exist in the way we eat and enjoy.

Gulotta discovered a connection between cuisine and verses when she began creating recipes inspired by the words she consumed. With every poem and recipe, the reader steps into Gulotta’s kitchen as she brings each poem to life through personal anecdotes, pleasant commentary, and simple ingredients.

An introduction offers recommendations for essential kitchen tools, along with tips for seasoning and substitutions. Gulotta suggests that the answers to the long lists of questions frequently posed by poets may actually reveal themselves through meals.

Delicate illustrations accompany the words of renowned poets such as Mary Oliver and Billy Collins. The recipes that follow, while different in content, all share one similar trait: comfort. Reminiscent of home-cooked meals and time spent at a family dinner table, Gulotta’s recipes bring a certain warmth to the reader. Even the titles of dishes such as Maple Pecan Granola and Onion Soup for a Rainy Afternoon provide the stomach with a feeling of subtle familiarity.

“I have always appreciated how Nicole brings a peace and stillness to the kitchen as she connects recipes with poetry. What a piece of art to have a book that delightfully marries the two.” — Sara Forte, author of The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl + Spoon

Eat This Poem could easily find its home on your kitchen counter or bookshelf. Either way, the book is a delightful collection of two passions that have played significant roles throughout history. Whether Eat This Poem is purchased for your own hands or as a gift, it’s sure not to disappoint.

What might be the greatest development of the entire project, is its ability to transform poetry lovers into aspiring chefs and provide culinary enthusiasts an opportunity to explore the art of verse. If 2017 wasn’t already your year to try something new, perhaps Eat This Poem will inspire you to do something outside of your comfort zone. So put on your chef hat and poetic lens, and discover a new way to appreciate food.

Eat This Poem by Nicole Gulotta
Cooking / Essays & Narratives / Poetry | Paperback | $18.95 US / $24.95 CAN ISBN: 978-1-61180-401-0 | Page Count: 224 | Trim: 6 x 8
Roost Books, an imprint of Shambhala Publications
Distributed by Penguin Random House

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