Rad Fondo BBQ to Light Up Queen Mary’s Waterfront Cook-Off

Since 2016 head cooks and lifelong friends Mike Morrill and Scott Sanchez of Rad Fondo BBQ have cooked up 3,206 ribs, 1,722 pounds of pork, 1,448 thighs and 1,328 pounds of brisket … They know a thing or two about BBQ. What began as a back-yard hobby has ignited into an obsession. Today, Rad Fondo BBQ is an award-winning team that regularly competes on the National BBQ circuit. Raised on the beaches in San Clemente, Rad Fondo brings their laid-back surf vibe (and killer BBQ) to the competitive BBQ culture. On Saturday, May 11 from 12-5 p.m. you can sample their BBQ at the Queen Mary’s Waterfront Cook-off.

Morrill and Sanchez will be 1 of 20 pitmasters to compete at Saturday’s event which is the first event ever to bring together the California State BBQ Championship and the California State Champion Chili Cook-off. You heard right. BBQ and chili! You won’t go home hungry. Sample mouth-watering BBQ and chili from 40 of California’s top chili teams. Along with icy cold beer, funnel cakes, lawn games, and a pie-eating contest, it’s good ole’ fashioned fun for the entire family.

To purchase tickets, visit queenmary.com.

Mike Morrill

23 Quick-Fire Questions for Rad Fondo BBQ

  1. Low and slow or hot and fast? Hot and fast.
  2. Trim tools? Boning knife, filet knife or scissors? All of these listed and more, do not forget the paint scraper.
  3. Will travel for bbq: Texas, Memphis or Kansas City? To date primarily the western states, but if invited to a signature event like the American Royal or the Jack Daniels Invitational we are definitely going to make that trip(s).
  4. Good BBQ starts with… Good ingredients and a good plan, an ice cold beer never hurts.
  5. Most underrated grilling tool? A meat thermometer, lower your temps and your food will be better from day one. Buy a good one.
  6. Secret ingredient? Tiger Sauce.
  7. Sides? No sides at competition, but we are well-known for our Jalapeño Bacon Mac and Cheese.
  8. Apron or no apron? Always with an apron. Unless my wife hides it…
  9. Number of timers and probes in your arsenal? At least six.
  10. Sweetness. Brown sugar, molasses or honey? Brown sugar.
  11. Biggest sin in BBQ? In competition BBQ it is missing the turn in time.
  12. Beer of choice? We are Keto guys, Coors Light or Corona Premier.
  13. Adjective that describes my BBQ: Awesome.
  14. Sweetest victory? Most recently, Yuma AZ, Grand Champion (1st place), Rookie of the Year for California in 2016.
  15. Biggest disaster? I would not say any disasters, but we have become very good at cooking three meats well and one the judges care for less, costing us some great finishes.
  16. Prep playlist? For prep typically country or Reggae, for turn-ins always 80’s hair metal.
  17. BBQ competition junk food of choice? Pork Rinds, Keto.
  18. Best thing about the BBQ competition community? Camaraderie.
  19. Best BBQ on Insta? Ours of course @radfondobbq.
  20. For me, grilling is … An obsession and a passion.
  21. Scott’s superhero power? My father.
  22. Mike’s superhero power? Same.
  23. Rad Fondo BBQ wouldn’t be possible without? Our wives putting up with our BS.

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