Heli-Dining with OC Helicopters: An Unforgettable Way To Eat

OC Helicopters is taking fine dining above and beyond by bringing it to the skies.

There are some moments in life that raise the bar on what qualifies as a memorable experience to a whole new level. This is the goal behind Heli-Dining, a service offered by Santa Ana-based OC Helicopters. Veteran owned and operated, the company provides six exclusive tours showcasing the coastlines of Newport Beach, Dana Point, Laguna Beach among other Southern California beach towns. Recently, the company expanded its operations to include helicopter flights to dining destinations of your choosing in locations stretching from San Diego to Santa Barbara. OC Helicopters seeks to transport guests from their everyday lives, even if only for a day or night. The team transports small groups and couples to dream locations more than a hundred miles away in a matter of minutes. And there are options within the Heli-Dining experience that cater to a variety of interests. Here’s a sampling.

Getting Your Feet Wet

If you’re a first timer when it comes to helicopter travel and just want to get a taste of the skies, OC Helicopters offers this premium ride. The ride consists of a shorter flight designed to whet your appetite, departing and returning from where you started, while still obtaining an exclusive view of the Orange County coastline. After landing back at the terminal, you then can dine in any of your choice of Orange County’s luxurious ocean-side restaurants that you just flew over. The 10-minute airtime adventure is perfect for those wanting to try out the experience of flying in a helicopter without committing to an entire evening in the sky.

Dinner and A View

If you’re looking for a night out, with dining at a restaurant in a dream location, OC Helicopters’ Heli-Dining experience picks you up at the terminal and drops you off in locations such as Palm Springs, Los Angeles, San Diego or Santa Barbara. All of these places typically take hours to reach by car, but a helicopter can get you there in just a matter of minutes. And in this case, the transportation becomes a main attraction of event. Just a few of the frequented destinations OC Helicopters has flown its VIPS to nearby helipads to then dine include Dana Point’s Monarch Beach Resort, the famed Nobu in Malibu, The Montage in Beverley Hills and the Hollywood Roosevelt boutique hotel.

A Day in Paradise

If you’re in the mood for a day-trip excursion, OC Helicopters offers flights to destinations that can afford clients five to eight hours at their destination. You can take a day trip to Santa Barbara, eat along State Street, lounge by the beach and be back in time for a comfortable dinner at home. For more of an extravagant occasion, OC Helicopters offers a lovely trip to Temecula for a day to sip wine on the countryside. The helicopters can land at the neighboring helipad or land directly at the base of beautiful remote champagne caves. Guests then have the option to sample wines, stroll through the vineyards or eat their way through Temecula’s renowned culinary delights and top restaurants.

OC Helicopters staff are known for their friendliness, and the team works to connect with their customers before and during the flight in order to create OC Helicopters staff are known for their friendliness, and the team works to connect with their guests before and during the flight in order to create a sense of trust and comfort. So, the moment you walk through the office doors to the second you land back onto the tarmac, you are only thinking about the experience, leaving all worries and stress on land. The fleet of helicopters have been a site for numerous wedding proposals, fun surprises and memorable moments. The team runs the operation out of passion, and the concept of Heli-Dining stemmed from a love for unique foodie experiences shared by the staff. So, keep reaching for the sky!

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