A Taste of Arc Butcher & Baker

The powerhouse couple behind the DirtySexyHappiness Hospitality Group expands to the waterfront by opening Arc Butcher & Baker.

Noah and Marín von Blöm approach every restaurant concept as a passion project. Perhaps that’s why they’ve achieved such an impressive degree of success since launching their first eatery. Now, the husband-and-wife team is expanding their reach into Newport Beach with Arc Butcher & Baker.

The duo knew that this latest venture was a project they wanted to take on when they ordered a spot in Cannery Village. It was a great opportunity to expand their footprint.

Noah, named the Golden Foodie Awards’ Chef of the Year, is hardly a stranger to the Orange County culinary scene. He and Marín launched their first venture, Shuck Oyster Bar, eight years ago with then-partner Leonard Chan. They followed that up with the ever-popular Arc Food & Libations and the exclusive Guild Club — all at Costa Mesa’s SOCO.

At Arc Butcher & Baker, everything is built from scratch, structure included. Marín serves as the brain behind the bones, designing and crafting the ambiance of the space. And Noah knows the importance of putting in the effort in the back of the house, emphasizing the care that goes into the cuisine. It shows in both the technique and execution. Take for example, the process behind a loaf of bread. (Because, Noah notes, “every good restaurant should be baking its own bread.”) Unlike traditional French wheat flour, the wheat grain flour used at Arc is split down, hull pulled out.  The result is a light loaf, reminiscent of something an Old World great-grandmother would make.

The intention behind the concierge-style market is to make things easier on the family, to make dinner a positive anticipation — stress-free and enjoyable. Meat is made to be sliced at the table and shared, and is paired with sides destined to satisfy the palate. There’s nothing overcomplicated here, and that’s exactly what makes the concept shine.

A to-go family dinner option, the grilled steak is Noah’s personal favorite.  The steak roulade is abundant with flavor and is accompanied by smashed potatoes with bacon and asparagus.  The option is delectable but simple enough to fit the tastes of everyone at the table. All the dinner options are just as classic, and they’re perfect solutions during a busy week, when home-style dining may be desired but not possible.

The bakery component makes a sweet addition, of course. Pretzel rolls, Danishes and marbled rye can be enjoyed on a lunch break or brought home to savor.  The emphasis is placed on procuring a solid end product, something customers can savor and return for more.

“You attach food with memories,” says Noah. “And the reminiscing brings on so much idea and flavor that you’re eating with anticipation.” Indeed, and we’re anticipating another huge success for this extremely talented culinary team.

417 30th Street
Newport Beach, California, 92663
(949) 877-0190

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