Don’t Leave the House Without These Top 6 Hiking Snacks


ne of the most common mistakes many first-time hikers make is forgetting to pack fuel! Most hiking routes last several hours and re-energizing with snacks is crucial.

Expert hiker, Deborah Wall, knows a thing or two about preparing for adventurous excursions. In her new book, Base Camp Las Vegas: 101 Hikes in the Southwest, she tells hikers where and when to go–and also how to prepare–to enjoy the best trails this unparalleled region has to offer. See below for 6 of the most-essential hiking snacks that Wall never hits the trails without!

GoMacro MacroBar –  With 12 grams of organic protein, this delicious, filling bar is the perfect mid-hike snack.

Farm House Culture Kraut Krisps – The first of their kind, this snack has 1 billion probiotics per serving. Made primarily from sauerkraut, these chips are surprisingly tasty!

Field Trip Beef Jerky – This all natural, gluten-free jerky has the protein and energy to get you to any milestone.

The Good Bean Chickpea Snacks – An easy way to fuel up on both protein and fiber, this snack is a MUST for any hiker.

Kashi Oatmeal Cookies – For all the dessert-loving hikers out there, this whole-grain cookie is as energizing as it is yummy!

Living Intentions Sprouted Trail Mix – A new twist on your average trail mix, Living Intentions offers a sustainable energy boost to charge  you up throughout the day.

Deborah Wall lives in Las Vegas and has spent her life enjoying all forms of outdoor sports including hiking, sailing, canyoneering, rappelling, kayaking and winter camping. Wall has been a columnist since 2005 for The View Newspapers in Las Vegas and has published over a hundred feature articles – which include her photographs – in numerous Southwestern books and publications and has won a Nevada Press Association Award for Excellence. To learn more about Wall, visit Imbrifex Books and

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