Dining Out with Danielle N. Salmon of Follow My Gut

Danielle N. Salmon | Chief Eating Officer at Follow My Gut

@FollowMyGut | www.FollowMyGut.com

Photo by Huong Nguyen of Heartlab Co.

Danielle N. Salmon is a restaurant lover who happily eats throughout Southern California. After dining in many restaurants, Danielle created Follow My Gut: a restaurant discovery site that introduces people to the best places to eat. Along with reviews she adds interviews with the likes of chef Massimo Bottura and gives a look at plates served at major events like the Emmy’s. To keep the site thriving, Danielle follows her gut wherever it takes her and enjoys the friends she makes along the way.


Orange County has such beautiful areas to explore. If you’re able to take a stroll around Costa Mesa or a drive along the coast of Laguna Beach, then you’re in luck but having delicious food along with you will only make it better.

Aosa Coffee | Huntington Beach

“Looking for a place to grab a beautiful acai bowl or to have a latte while catching up on a good book? Then Aosa is the place to go!”

Sidecar Doughnuts |Costa Mesa

“If you ever need a reason to get out of bed, Sidecar is it. From the scent to the delicious taste the doughnuts are the best way to start the day.”

The Pie Hole | Orange

“If you have a sweet tooth, The Pie Hole will satisfy your craving! Salted Caramel Pecan, Eggnog Pudding, and Mom’s Apple Crumble are just a few you’re sure to fall in love with.”


I love using my weekend to spend time in restaurants where it feels like I can hang out and relax. Whether I’m grabbing brunch with the girls or having a business meeting, a restaurant that encourages me to stay a while is where I love to be. 

Habana | Costa Mesa

“Spend the weekend exploring their brunch from their pastries to plantains and make sure you get an ice-cold coconut with whatever you order.”

Puesto | Irvine

“It’s beautiful, it’s lively, and it’s the place to be when you want to dine in a restaurant where you don’t want to leave.”

Solita Tacos and Margaritas | Huntington Beach

“I love a restaurant that serves great plates alongside perfectly balanced cocktails, and Solita does both. Add in a few great friends, and you’ll have an exciting dinner to close the night.”


If you’re looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion, make your reservation now at one of these incredible dining hot spots. 

Las Brisas | Laguna Beach

“I love everything about this restaurant. From the kind staff, the beautiful views, the bunnies frolicking nearby, and the unforgettable dishes, it is one of my favorite restaurants to visit in Orange County!”

Mesa | Costa Mesa

“I adore the creativity in the dishes that chef Niki Starr ideates at Mesa. The pairing of stone fruit with burrata and halibut with potato salad are just a few of the must-have items. Add to that; the live music is exceptional!”

Bluegold | Huntington Beach

“Everything on the menu at Bluegold is well plated, beautiful and unique. I love how nicely designed they are once they leave the kitchen and how exceptional they taste once they leave your fork.”

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