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Getting Saucy With Dexter Holland of The Offspring

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t think your weekend is complete without the hat trick of tunes, tacos and craft beer, then the KLOS presents Sabroso Craft Beer, Taco & Music Festival, powered by Gringo Bandito, should already be on your calendar. On Saturday, April 8 from 1:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. (VIP opens at noon), expect to find yourself at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, CA soaking up the scene of tasty gourmet tacos, live music, craft beer tastings and Lucha Libre USA pro wrestling. Yes, this will be the perfect weekend adventure, because it’s conveniently taking place on a Saturday, so you have all of Sunday to nurture your taco hangover. Get your favorite hot sauce ready, because things are already heating up at the beach!

Dexter Holland of The Offspring is looking forward to joining in this ultimate taco fest and comments, “We love tacos, the beach AND beer, so it sounds like a perfect day for The Offspring.” Sauté Magazine jumped at the opportunity to sit down with Dexter and talk shop on hot sauce, all things spice, and the taco festival.

Q: Hot or not: A girl who carries hot sauce in her purse.

Dexter Holland: Super Hot!

Q: Gringo Bandito started out as more of a hobby. Can you tell us about the process for creating your unique recipe?

DH: I started by picking out my favorite peppers that give a full-bodied flavor. I wanted to make sure my hot sauce had significantly less salt than others and was all natural. It was a lot of time spent mixing and testing different batches until I came up with the Original Red.

Q: According to Quartz, “The hot sauce industry in America alone has grown by 150 percent since 2000, which is more than BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise combined.” What is Gringo Bandito doing to stay ahead of the pack?

DH: Every year we create a Gringo Bandito Private Reserve sauce, which features a different pepper and differs from any of our sauces. We do a lot of marketing events to promote our products across the nation. On April 8th, we are co-sponsoring the Sabroso Craft Beer and Gourmet Taco Festival. The Offspring is playing with Sum41 and several other great bands. We also will be holding our Gringo Bandito Chronic Taco Challenge featuring world famous eater Kobayashi. He currently holds the world record with eating 130 tacos in 10 mins in Redondo Beach a couple of years ago. You can watch the video here.

Gringo Bandito / Bon Aperture Photography

Q: Dave DeWitt drinks a Virgin Mary every morning, allowing him to sample as many of the hundreds of hot sauces he has on hand as possible. What perplexing food rituals do you participate into peak your pepper knowledge?

DH: I really love everything about Mexican cuisine. My passion for Mexican food and culture sparked the idea of making a hot sauce. I enjoy trying different hot sauces on anything from carne asada tacos to tamales.

Q: Have you ever participated in extreme chile breeding? Can you tell us about that process, or is it too hot to talk about? (Pun intended)

DH: I actually haven’t. We experiment with all types of extremely hot and foreign peppers for our Private Reserve and potential new items, but I have never participated in chile breeding.

Q: According to a Forbes article published 11/14/16, there has been an increasing number of roles that hot sauce is adopting in the kitchen recently. They go on to say how some are promoting its presence in fondue and smoothies. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve put Gringo Bandito on?

DH: Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat hot sauce with. I may have dribbled some hot sauce on my pancakes to see how it tasted together.

Q: What’s a weird pairing you would suggest for your hot sauce?

DH: Honestly, Gringo Bandito is made to add flavor to any meal that you would like some more flavor and a bit of a kick. I like mixing GB in my ranch and using it as a salad dressing.

Q: What’s your go-to cure when your heat tolerance has tapped out. Are you a milk chugger or looking for the closest baguette to chew on?

DH: I enjoy the heat, so I try my best not to tap out, but when I do I reach for milk. It’s the quickest way to subside the burn.

Q: How many different flavors of Gringo Bandito will be available to sample at Sabroso Festival? Can you talk us through the different flavor profiles? If I’m the kind of person who puts hot sauce on everything, what hot sauce would you recommend? And I’d be looking for something to complement the food, rather than mask it with a crazy heat factor.

DH: We will be sampling all three of our hot sauces at the Sabroso festival, which are the Original Red, Green and Super Hot. The Original Red is a full-flavored sauce, which includes a blend of 10 different peppers. This has a mild heat, and it goes great with tacos, pizza and soups. The Green is a fan favorite, which has a green habanero instead of a tomatillo base. This sauce pairs very well with everything from eggs to carnitas. My personal favorite is the Super Hot. We created a spicy blend including the Jolokia Ghost chili pepper and the Scorpion pepper. This sauce gives a solid kick but maintains its full flavor profile. Our goal is to create unique hot sauces made from hand chopped peppers, giving it a bold, full-bodied flavor that emphasizes great taste over pure heat. All of our sauces are made by the same standards.

Q: The Sabroso Festival has a lot of really great things happening to look forward to; Tacos, beer, music and luchadors! All enjoyed right on the beach! What are you most looking forward to at the festival?

DH: Who doesn’t like tacos, beer, and music? I’m stoked to check out all of the different tacos from local vendors and play the show in front of our hometown crowd. It’s going to be a great day. See you there!

General Admission and VIP tickets will be available for purchase for the following prices at www.SabrosoTacoFest.com. All tickets include complimentary beer tasting and access to view the music stage. Festival General Admission Tickets start at $60, and VIP Lounge + Early Entry Tickets are $99. Day Of Festival General Admission Tickets (if available) will be $75 per person. You can visit the event’s website for a full list of breweries, taco vendors, music lineup and more.

Website: www.SabrosoTacoFest.com | Facebook: @sabrosotacofest | Twitter: @sabrosotacofest | Instagram: @sabrosotacofest | Hashtag: #sabrosotacofest


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