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The Origin of Nutrition

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t Primal Alchemy, the primary goal outside of feeding people is to make a sweeping impact on our food system in such a way that will influence how the world eats and gains access to healthy food. Owners Paul and Dana Buchanan have made this ethos their job — one bite at a time.

Through local, sustainable food sourcing, farm-to-table cooking and by fostering the necessary educational programs within their community, Primal Alchemy practices food philanthropy beyond monetary involvement to organizations that foster this ideology — although they do that too (over $150k annually)! The number one way that Primal Alchemy positively impacts nutrition in our community is through education.

Primal Alchemy has proudly been a part of the American Institute of Wine and Food’s Days of Taste Program, providing nutritional education to classrooms for over 18 years! Paul and Dana encourage children to appreciate the taste of good, fresh, local food through community garden and farmer’s market field trips. Students are given the opportunity to urban forage, ask questions and read labels. The philanthropic efforts of Primal Alchemy go beyond just nourishing our youth — they nurture the leaders of tomorrow by developing nutrition vocabulary and taste memories in an effort to gain perspective and understanding on the importance of fresh food from farm to table. As a result, our children grow up to make healthy choices in establishing their diets.

Having the ability and opportunity to know where your food comes from will intrinsically generate a natural response to make well-informed, healthier decisions. If you’re given the opportunity to learn this at a young age, this practice inherently becomes second nature. Although Days of Taste is just one example of the many different ways that Primal Alchemy gives back to their community, it is perhaps one of the most vital programs that they participate in as a volunteer.

The food resources of today are vast for the consumer in Orange County, and making the choice for quality, flavor and wholesomeness is not always transparent within the decision making process. Through the use of extending shelf lives, chemical additives and genetic modification of food, the process gets pretty muddy, but at Primal Alchemy, the right choice has never been more clear. Support local producers and growers by committing to use fresh food, in season, grown locally, whenever possible. Find Your Local Farmer’s Market by visiting

Primal Alchemy

Get Involved With Friends of Primal Alchemy

The Growing Experience Urban Farm: Stewards of the land who cultivate a sustainable and ethical local food system by providing equitable access to natural foods.

Long Beach Organic Community Gardens: Provides organic, urban gardens for the residents within their community.

Farm Lot 59: Creates an urban/ rural connection within the local community and serves as an educational resource for sustainability.

The Ecology Center: Educates, inspires, and empowers people in the stewardship of Southern California’s environment through practical, hands-on solutions in the areas of food, water, waste, energy and shelter.

Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Ranch & Gardens: Volunteers support every facet of Ranch activity, from offering school tours and educational special events that attract thousands to providing specialized garden care and performing skilled curatorial tasks.

Rancho Los Cerritos: Inspires curiosity and respect for the past, enriches understanding of the present, develops excitement for the future, and connects people with community, history and culture.

Tehachapi Grain Project: Aims to preserve and grow heritage organic grains which are naturally drought tolerant and low in gluten.

Long Beach Alliance for Food and Fitness: Work together to bring affordable healthy food and safe places to be physically active to underserved neighborhoods in Long Beach.

Long Beach Fresh: Connects Long Beach Eaters, Feeders and Seeders.

AIWF Days of Taste: Brings nutritional education into our classrooms.

Kids in the Kitchen: Teaching kids and their parents about the importance of eating healthy foods and involving them in the fight against childhood obesity.

Food Finders: Links donated food to pantries and shelters in order to bridge the hunger gap in our communities.

Chef’s Collaborative: Connect with hundreds of like-minded chefs and food professionals across the country who care about sourcing, cooking and serving better food and are doing their part to create a better food system.

Slow Food USA: A global, grassroots non-profit association, linking the pleasure of good food to a commitment to the environment & community

Photoshoot Location: Long Beach Organic: Zaferia Junction Community Garden

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